Win $1,000 in Our Social Question of the Month Giveaway

This giveaway has concluded. Visit our Teacher Funding Opportunities page to learn more about current and upcoming educator funding opportunities from is committed to providing teachers with ways to find community and share their education expertise. That’s why we are introducing our Social Question of the Month post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and […]

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How To Update Your School & Contact Information With

According to’s Terms of Use, educators must keep certain essential information, such as email address and school address, up to date. This information is important as it helps ensure that school supplies purchased through the Marketplace are shipped to the correct location. Below, we’ve included information on a couple of common scenarios where […]


Two teachers smile in a classroom. Text reads Win $1,000 for you and your teacher bestie!
Win $1,000 Each for You and Your Teacher Bestie!

Is there a teacher in your life that inspires you? Perhaps your teaching bestie or the mentor that took you under their wing? Maybe even the teacher in the classroom across the hall? Tell us about why your teacher bestie inspires you before June 28, 2023 and you can both win $1,000 in funds! […]

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Do Teachers Need to Buy Their Own Supplies in 2023?

Since 2015, has surveyed our national community of teachers about how much they spend out of pocket on school supplies. The question remains: Do teachers need to buy their own supplies in 2023 or is the issue improving? This year, celebrates its 25th year of supporting students and teachers. Unfortunately, while our reach […]

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Teacher Supply List for Back-to-School Basics

Getting your teacher supply list ready for the back-to-school season can be exciting and challenging. While you’re brainstorming all the engaging activities you want to try and imagining how to fit in new state standards into an old favorite lesson plan, let us take care of the basics! You can spend the donations in your […]

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Advice for First-Year Teachers

We know that teachers spend a lot of money out of pocket on supplies for their students year-to-year, but for first-year teachers who start from scratch, the amount of supplies they need can be overwhelming. To support new educators, we assembled some practical advice from experienced teachers, including their suggestions for a first-year teacher supply […]

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Social-Emotional Learning Ideas for Your Classroom

As students recover from the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to hear from teachers that they’re searching for social-emotional learning resources to support students. To help provide teachers like you with SEL resources, we brought our community of teachers together to share their tips and we’re sharing them with you!  We recently […]

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Free Music Education Resources for World Day of Music

World Day of Music, which takes place on June 21, is the perfect opportunity for teachers to add music to their classroom. Music can be a great tool for helping students identify their emotions, provide stress relief, and be a source of joy and laughter. has compiled a list of free activities and resources, […]

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LGBTQ Education Resources for Pride Month

In honor of Pride Month, has compiled a list of free LGBTQ education resources and supply suggestions. We hope the list below will help you integrate more LGBTQ history and books into your lessons and provide tools to better support queer students.  The Trevor Project reported that LGBTQ+ students who had a supportive school […]

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