"Q&A: Teacher Director Adam Gacka"
“Teacher” Documentary Addresses the Educator Retention Crisis

One of the biggest challenges facing America’s education system is a shortage of teachers. A lack of educators increases classroom sizes, places additional stress on remaining teachers, and threatens students’ right to a high-quality education.  Annually, 8% of teachers leave the profession, but an increase in workloads and aftereffects from the COVID-19 pandemic have put […]

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Tips for Writing Thank-You Social Posts

If you received a donation to your classroom from one of AdoptAClassroom.org’s corporate sponsors, can you help us raise awareness by posting on social media?  We ask teachers to thank their corporate donors on social media to help us raise awareness for AdoptAClassroom.org, our partners, and our mission. Social posts from teachers talking about the […]

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How To: Record a Donor Thank-You Message

There’s a reason video feels like it’s everywhere on social media. Videos are often more dynamic than photos; viewers are given a sneak peek into the creator’s life and get a sense of their personality.  That’s why videos are PERFECT for thanking your classroom donors. You can use video and audio messages to express authentic […]

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Learn About Our 2024 Teacher Appreciation Week Funding Opportunities

Teachers show up for their students every day. So this Teacher Appreciation Week, we are going to Stand Up For Teachers by making their fundraising efforts go further. Read on to learn about our 2024 Teacher Appreciation Week funding opportunities. Remember, to be eligible to participate, teachers must be registered with AdoptAClassroom.org and have a […]

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$20,000 Donation Match. Teacher Appreciation Week 2024.
We’re Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week with a $20,000 Classroom Match

91% of teachers said that flexible funding from organizations like AdoptAClassroom.org helps them to stay in the profession. So this Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re asking communities to Stand Up For Teachers by supporting their classrooms. To make teachers’ fundraising efforts go twice as far, we will also be DOUBLING donations made to PreK-12 classroom pages […]

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$2,500 Classroom Giveaway. Teacher Appreciation Week 2024.
Enter our $2,500 Teacher Appreciation Week Classroom Giveaway for Educators

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week in 2024, we will be randomly selecting 25 PreK-12 teachers registered with AdoptAClassroom.org to receive a $100 classroom donation. To be eligible for a chance to receive a $100 donation, teachers must update their classroom page with the hashtag #StandUp4Teachers by May 10, 2024. Now is the perfect time to […]

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How To Get Free Books for Teachers

AdoptAClassroom.org helps teachers access free books to meet their classrooms’ needs.  Teachers across the country use their AdoptAClassroom.org donations to order diverse books from marketplace vendors like Lee & Low Books and Scholastic, as well as classroom library materials like book bins and shelves.  Sara is a small group interventionist and longtime educator on the […]

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A student and a teacher working together and smiling
How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week 2024

Make a Real Difference This Teacher Appreciation Week. “Please, no more mugs!” might be heard in schools across the nation as Teacher Appreciation Week 2024 approaches. It’s not that they don’t appreciate the gesture, but AdoptAClassroom.org’s teacher survey results consistently tell us what teachers need most to be effective and feel valued.  So what do […]

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"Tips: Writing a thank you"
Teacher How To: Thanking Classroom Donors

Was your classroom selected for a donation through AdoptAClassroom.org? To help your donor understand the value of their gift, we need your help. To help you thank your donor or corporate sponsor, we may request or require that you submit a thank-you in the following ways:   A brief thank-you message which you will be notified […]

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