Teacher Supply List for Back-to-School Basics

Getting your teacher supply list ready for the back-to-school season can be exciting and challenging. While you’re brainstorming all the engaging activities you want to try and imagining how to fit in new state standards into an old favorite lesson plan, let us take care of the basics! You can spend the donations in your AdoptAClassroom.org account on everything you need to get the school year started, so you can get back to thinking about teaching instead of supplies. 

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Please note: AdoptAClassroom.org is sharing these resource(s) with the intent to spread awareness and promote conversation among educators. Sharing a resource is not an endorsement of the resource for classroom use. Educators are the experts on their students’ needs and their school’s policies. Please always be mindful if a resource is a good fit for your classroom.

The stock and availability of the following items may fluctuate. AdoptAClassroom.org cannot guarantee the availability of any of the items below. 

Teacher Supply List: Back-to-School Basics


Becker’s School Supplies is a one-stop shop for all of your early learning materials and elementary school needs.

Featured: Everyone is Welcome Calendar Bulletin Board Set

With its calming colors, this bulletin board set is an easy thing to set up and maintain in your classroom throughout the year. The bulletin board set comes with event markers so that you and your students feel prepared for the month ahead.


Lakeshore creates award-winning educational products for schools and families to provide a high-quality education for every child.

Featured: Arts & Crafts Supplies

We know that arts and crafts supplies run out quickly, especially in elementary classrooms. You can get a refresh on glue, construction paper, paint, markers, and all the other art supplies on your teacher supply list.

Really Good Stuff

Really Good Stuff is the home of fun and creative classroom teacher supplies.

Featured: “Favorites Thumball” 

The beginning of the new year can be stressful for students, who are meeting new people and getting used to a new environment. Ice breakers can help ease the stress into a moment of silliness. Wherever a participant’s thumb lands on this ball, they have to share their response to one of the many “favorite” prompts on this ball. 

School Specialty

Featured: Lysol Wipes

While School Specialty stocks a variety of items from your teacher supply list, from lesson plans to furniture, we wanted to highlight some of their cleaning supplies. Lysol wipes are great to have on hand to quickly disinfect a desk, chair, or other surface during a busy school day. 


Staples offers everything your school needs including products for every area of your school – classrooms, restrooms, makerspaces, the main office, STEM/STEAM, and more.

Featured: Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are an important back-to-school basic for many teachers. Hopefully this 24-pack from Staples will last even the biggest sticky note fan until the new semester. 

Your Dollar Buys

Your Dollar Buys is a family-owned business focused on producing and sourcing wholesale items at a discounted price. They work directly with manufacturers in order to get you the best possible deal.

Featured: 12-pack of Deodorant

Teachers know that students often forget, or come from families that can’t afford, personal care items. Your Dollar Buys carries large packs of toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, underwear, hats, gloves, and more that teachers can keep in their closet for students in need. We’re taking the time to highlight deodorant since it’s hot during the first month or two of back-to-school in most parts of the country.