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We offer the most flexible and accountable funding for teachers and schools through our proprietary, easy-to-use fundraising platform. Since 1998, we have provided funding for resources and materials to more than 200,000 classrooms across the nation. Our platform meets the best practices for crowdfunding established by the AASA and NSBA.

Our School Program helps principals and other school administrators fundraise for important school-wide projects and initiatives that cannot be met through other funding sources. We offer several ways for schools to get the funding they need, including, crowdfunding, school grants, and corporate sponsor donations.

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How It Works

Step 1
Register and Create Your
School Profile Page

Step 2
Use Your Page to Crowdfund* and/or Participate in Other Funding Opportunities

Step 3
Get an Email When You
Receive a Donation**

Step 4
Log In and
Thank Your Donor

Step 5
Shop! Items are
Shipped Directly to Your School

Step 6
Donors Receive a List of the Items Purchased With Their Donation

*If you intend to crowdfund on, we require an approval letter from your district, or the appropriate senior level executive. Learn more here.
** retains a 10% fee on every donation made to a school through our platform. The fee covers the technology and staff time required to support the School Program. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Benefits of

  1. It’s free to sign up and easy to use. Our platform is designed with busy professionals in mind. Registration is free, and takes less than five minutes.
  2. We’re a nonprofit. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we hold a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, and all donations are tax-deductible.
  3. Flexible spending. School administrators are not locked into specific fundraising goals or projects. Donations of any amount can be used anytime within 12 months of the date of the donation.
  4. Increased Access to Funding. We work with a diverse group of businesses, corporate sponsors, individual donors, and foundations that support education. Schools that are registered with are eligible to receive these funds – money the school would not otherwise have access to.
  5. Monthly giving for ongoing support. Donors can make a monthly contribution so everyone saves time and you always have funds you can count on.


  • K-12 principals or other school administrators* in all U.S. States & Territories
  • Accredited Private, Public, or Charter Schools
  • Prekindergarten programs are permitted if they are based in an accredited K-12 school
*Our School Program is designed to help principals fundraise for their school. Principals may delegate the responsibility to another administrator as appropriate, such as a vice principal or administrative assistant.

Read more details about eligibility in our Terms of Use.

If you are a teacher, please read more about our
Teacher Program here.

Tips for Success

1. Create a Strong School Profile Page

Include a realistic/ambitious fundraising goal, a photo (tips here), video (tips here), and specific reasons why you need funding. To get started, check out our how-to guide for School Profile Pages.

2. Make Your School Profile Page Public-Facing*

If your district allows crowdfunding, be sure to make your School Profile Page public-facing so donors can find you. More info here.

*This is optional. If you choose to create a Non Public-Facing School Profile Page, you are still eligible to apply for school grants and other funding opportunities for your school. More info here.

3. Log In Regularly

We strongly encourage you to update your School Profile Page on a regular basis. This ensures donors will have access to the most relevant information about your school. When we have funding available from businesses, corporate sponsors, and foundations, we give priority to users with active and updated pages.

4. Read our Fundraising Resources

Detailed Guide to School Profile Pages

  • A step-by-step guide with tips on how to create a strong School Profile Page, set a fundraising goal, and tell your story. Read it here.

Fundraising Toolkit on the School Dashboard

  • Log in with to access resources and templates you can use to ask for donations from your community, including language you can copy/paste. Please customize the messaging as much as you like.

Fundraising Tips on our Blog Meets
Crowdfunding Best Practices

Materials, not cash.

No cash changes hands. We order all items requested by teachers and school administrators. All orders are shipped directly to schools.

Transparency at every step.

Donors receive an itemized list of everything purchased with their donation.

Impact reporting.

Teachers and school administrators are required to thank their donors, and complete an impact report detailing how the donation helped students.

School ownership of funded materials.

Items funded through are considered property of the school.

District visibility and reporting.

We can provide itemized reports that list everything ordered by teachers and school administrators.

Privacy policies to protect students.

Our policies are designed to protect student privacy. Information or images not in compliance will be removed from our site.

Other Funding Opportunities is not just a crowdfunding platform. We are a national nonprofit dedicated to equity in education. Here are some of the ways that we provide funding for schools outside of traditional crowdfunding.

Adoption “Match” Programs

  • Our national network of corporate sponsors and business donors asks us to match them with schools that fit their criteria, such as location or Title 1 status. If your school is selected to receive funding through an adoption match we will notify you via email. Keep your School Profile Page up-to-date for the best chance of being selected.

Apply for a Spotlight Fund Grant

  • Our Spotlight Funds support Title I classrooms, STEM education, disaster relief, and more. School grant opportunities and application deadlines are announced via our e-newsletter.

Sweepstakes and Giveaways

  • Periodically, our corporate sponsors and business donors offer schools the opportunity to enter to win funding, or free school supplies on Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive updates on sweepstakes and giveaways. 

What Principals and District Leaders
Are Saying:

“ was extremely easy to work with. Their staff was available throughout the entire process to help us get what we needed. Teachers were able to get materials to support student learning that were not within our school budget. We were very impressed with how user-friendly the site is, and with the quality and variety of vendors. I would absolutely work with again. I was very impressed by the professionalism and support I received.”
-Alison, Principal, Sparks, NV

“ is a trusted partner, committed to carefully considering where their funds will do the most good for our students. We thank for their invaluable support of our schools and students.”
-Mariano Guzmán, Senior Advisor, Office of the Chancellor, NYC Department of Education

“Working with was a fun and joyous experience. They’re well-organized and easy to work with. No one at our school had to do anything to receive the funds. It was a gift from start to finish.”
-Traci, Academic Dean of Administration, St. Paul, MN

We are so glad you’re taking the next step with us
to help your students succeed in their learning.

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