Introducing our $1,000 Teacher Conversations Monthly Giveaway

No one knows the realities of PreK-12 education better than teachers. That’s why we’re asking teachers to share their experiences and insights with us during our $1,000 monthly Teacher Conversations giveaway. Every month from March until May 2024, two educators will win a $500 classroom donation on To enter this giveaway, visit the link […]

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$2,500 PreK-12 Educator Giveaway
2024 Nationwide Educator Survey

Which education issues would you like to see the presidential candidates address?  What are the biggest challenges your students face?  What kinds of resources do you need to support your students this year? These are a few of the questions we’re asking educators in our 2024 Nationwide Educator Survey. Every year we check in with […]

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How To Take Photos of Your Classroom

Do you need to upload a profile photo to your classroom page? Maybe one of our corporate sponsors adopted your classroom, and we requested a thank-you photo of you and your students? We know that teachers are busy, so we wanted to make the process of taking classroom photos for as easy as […]

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Why Music Education Matters

March is Music Education Month. This month, we’re reminded that music education matters. Research indicates music education can promote better grades, improved literacy, the development of empathy, and other social-emotional wellness skills.  According to the National Arts Education Status Report: 3.6 million public school students don’t have access to music education at school. More than […]

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Does your company match donations?

Many employers support workplace giving with donation matching programs. Some will even triple your gift! Follow a few simple steps and you can make your donations go even further.

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Top 10 Teacher Classroom Supplies of 2023

Teachers know best what school supplies their students require to be successful. That’s why empowers teachers with flexible funding to purchase the teacher classroom supplies they need when they need them. Our marketplace features high-quality educational items from more than 25 different vendors. With so many options, it can be challenging to decide which […]

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Q&A with Black Men Teach Executive Director Markus Flynn recently funded teachers in the Twin Cities through our partnership with Black Men Teach.  To reach our goal of advancing equity in education, it’s essential for to support Black students and teachers. Our Racial Equity in Schools Fund helps teachers craft a culturally responsive environment and close the gaps in racial experiences of […]

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$750 Grants for advancing racial equity in the classroom. Apply now. Winter 2024 Spotlight Funds. 25th anniversary logo
Apply Now! $750 Spotlight Fund Grants for Advancing Racial Equity in the Classroom

If you had $750 to dedicate to advancing racial equity in your classroom or school, what would you do? Apply for’s Winter 2024 Racial Equity in Schools Spotlight Fund grant and tell us! We’re looking for innovative ways to support and uplift students and teachers of color in K-12 schools. Below are some examples […]

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Special Education Resources

Special education students often need specialized supplies to help them focus, manage their emotions, and participate fully in the classroom. These materials can be costly but are important for creating an equitable classroom environment. To help teachers access the supplies they need, we’ve put together a list of items you can spend your funds […]

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