A teacher and a group of her students unpack a book of school supplies purchased through AdoptAClassroom.org.

Looking for Free Supplies for Teachers?

It’s not okay that teachers spend an average of $860 out-of-pocket to buy the materials their students need. These costs place a serious financial strain on educators.

AdoptAClassroom.org provides free supplies for teachers to stock their classrooms. We reduce the pressure on teachers to use their salaries on classroom materials by providing them with flexible funding. This means that teachers can choose the supplies they need when they need them. 

Teachers and schools can receive funding through individual donors, Spotlight Fund grants, and our corporate partnerships. Most teachers funded on AdoptAClassroom.org are supported by someone they do not know, so it helps to have a page ready.

Teachers who register on AdoptAClassroom.org are eligible for funding opportunities.

Want to know how free supplies for teachers help with student engagement? Check out these stories from teachers supported by AdoptAClassroom.org donors. 

How Receiving Free Supplies for Teachers Supports Learning:

1. “AdoptAClassroom.org helps make education accessible.” 

“As a science teacher, I would like to provide my students with more opportunities to do STEM Activities. AdoptAClassroom.org is working hard to help educators like myself to make education accessible and fun for all students.”

2. AdoptAClassroom.org ensures “everyone gets what they need.”

“Equity is super important. I want my students to all have the same supplies. This is why I  purchase them out of my own pocket. With donations through AdoptAClassroom.org, everyone in my class gets what they need without me having to spend my own money.”

3. “AdoptAClassroom.org helps me fill in the gaps.”

“Many times teachers want to provide the best learning tools and opportunities, but many times resources are limited. AdoptAClassroom.org is a great opportunity to fill these gaps for our students and ensure that they have access to different ways to be successful.”

4. “I depend on AdoptAClassroom.org.” 

“I teach high school English language learners. Many of them have had very little schooling before coming to the United States. All of them come from low-income homes. I know that they benefit from multi-modal learning and hands-on activities. I depend on AdoptAClassroom.org to provide art supplies and specialized books that make the highest quality instruction possible.”

5. “AdoptAClassroom.org helps students feel unique and represented.”

“This year I had my students draw self-portraits. It was nice to use the ‘skin’ color crayons that I purchased through AdoptAClassroom.org so all of my students could feel unique and represented.” 

6. “AdoptAClassroom.org helps teachers fund their classrooms.”

“Most families in my classroom can not afford basic school supplies for their child. Most students come in with an empty book bag reused from the year before. My responsibility is to provide a pencil box filled with basic supplies such as scissors, glue sticks, pencils, and crayons. These supplies are used daily so they have to be replaced quickly. It is so helpful that AdoptAClassroom.org helps teachers fund their classrooms.”

AdoptAClassroom.org helps teachers.

Feel inspired by these teachers’ stories? Create a classroom page with AdoptAClassroom.org today to start receiving free school supplies for teachers. You shouldn’t have to spend your money on classroom supplies – and our flexible funding can make it so you don’t have to.

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