"Q&A: Teacher Director Adam Gacka"
“Teacher” Documentary Addresses the Educator Retention Crisis

One of the biggest challenges facing America’s education system is a shortage of teachers. A lack of educators increases classroom sizes, places additional stress on remaining teachers, and threatens students’ right to a high-quality education.  Annually, 8% of teachers leave the profession, but an increase in workloads and aftereffects from the COVID-19 pandemic have put […]

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Pre-K activities
Four Pre-K Activities for Distance Learning

Distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for all educators, but Pre-K teachers face a unique challenge in engaging their students. Pre-K activities are largely about play, creativity, and social engagement; how does that translate into a technology-based, socially isolated world?  AdoptAClassroom.org sat down with Dominique F., a Pre-K teacher in the District […]

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