How To Get Free Books for Teachers helps teachers access free books to meet their classrooms’ needs. 

Teachers across the country use their donations to order diverse books from marketplace vendors like Lee & Low Books and Scholastic, as well as classroom library materials like book bins and shelves. 

Sara is a small group interventionist and longtime educator on the East Coast. She needed books that would help her students build confidence in their basic reading skills with content that was still age-appropriate. She was able to meet her students’ needs by crowdfunding on 

“The classroom donation I received through allowed me to purchase decodable books for my older struggling readers that were appealing and looked like age-appropriate chapter books. These books allowed these students to participate in independent reading in their classroom without feeling ashamed and worried that they were reading ‘baby books.’” 

We hear from teachers like Sara that donations received through help their students become more voracious readers. Your students can join them. 

How we provide free books for teachers: 

1. Register for

To receive donations for classroom books, you need to be registered on Registering and setting up your classroom page will allow you to start raising funds for your classroom library through our platform. Just having a classroom page qualifies you for donations from sponsors or community donors!

2. Check out our funding opportunities

Once you’re registered with, you’ll receive monthly emails notifying you of our upcoming giveaways and open spotlight fund grant opportunities. You can also visit our funding opportunities page for information on what’s happening now so you can start applying for free books for teachers. 

3. Ask your community for donations

Two-thirds of our top fundraising teachers use social media to get funds for their classrooms. While there are many great ways to raise funds through your community, we want to take a moment to focus on how making an ask on social media can help you access free books for teachers. 

Here’s how to write a great social media ask: 

Share the Stats

A great way to grab your community’s attention is to share statistics that illustrate how your classroom fits into a wider trend. 

These stats will help you stand out to people who may not understand the contemporary education issues that affect your classroom. 

Here are some statistics you can use to appeal to potential donors: 

  • Dedicated school library spaces and librarians are becoming more rare. About 30% of schools overall do not have a school librarian. That percentage is higher for high-needs schools.

  • The lack of school librarians puts more pressure on teachers to meet their students’ reading needs. 55% of teachers say they need more books for their classroom.

  • Racial and ethnic representation in grade school books has been proven to improve academic outcomes for students. Students are more engaged when they have access to books that represent their lives and cultures.

Focus on the students 

You know your students best. For the majority of your social media post, talk about your students’ unique literacy needs. This is also a great place to share a brief story about your classroom or a particular student. 

Let potential donors know what you’re hoping to purchase 

Are you planning to purchase diverse books? Supplies for a reading nook? Multiple copies of the same book for a classroom-wide lesson? 

Donors like to picture what their funds will be used for. If you can let them know that even a small, $10 donation will help you buy a picture book for your classroom they’re more likely to give. 

Share photos

Sharing photos of your classroom library is a great way to help potential donors understand your needs. Pictures of books that are tattered or a library that is small compared to the class size of students help folks on social media understand why you’re making a crowdfunding ask. 

For example, a teacher might use the following image on the Facebook post above while talking about their classroom library. 

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