Teacher Resources for AAPI Heritage Month

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage (AAPI) Heritage Month. It’s a great time to highlight the diverse cultures and peoples of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. We know teachers like to plan ahead, so we’re highlighting resources for AAPI heritage month that you can add to your lesson plans today!  If you’re a […]

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AdoptAClassroom.org Vendor Highlight: Becker’s 

Becker’s has been an AdoptAClassroom.org marketplace vendor for several years. A go-to vendor for many early education and elementary school teachers, they offer everything from classroom decor to child-sized furniture.   Want to check out Becker’s early education staples? Log in to access their products through the AdoptAClassroom.org marketplace. AdoptAClassroom.org recently touched base with Leslie Eslinger, […]

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"Social-emotional learning teacher resources"
SEL Teacher Resources

After virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers saw an increased need for social-emotional learning (SEL) materials. Their students were facing personal and community trauma, and many lacked social skills after distance learning. Social-emotional learning helps students navigate challenging situations and interpersonal relationships. SEL also increases self-advocacy and self-reliance that is critical to future career […]

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Top Teacher Classroom Supplies in 2022
Top Teacher Classroom Supplies in 2022

The AdoptAClassroom.org vendor marketplace is full of engaging, high-quality educational items from more than 25 different vendors. With so many options, it can be hard to choose how to spend your AdoptAClassroom.org funds. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the AdoptAClassroom.org Marketplace’s top teacher classroom supplies in 2022. To raise funds from your […]

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Anti-Racist Teacher Resources
Teacher Resources: Anti-Racist Teaching

Structural racism can make the education system a fraught place for students and educators of color. However at AdoptAClassroom.org, we believe that the classroom can also be a site of meaningful, empowering anti-racist change.  By incorporating anti-racist teaching practices into everyday instruction, teachers can help create a safer, more supportive environment for students and educators […]

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New vendor: Lerner Publishing Group

We are proud to announce that Lerner Publishing Group has joined the AdoptAClassroom.org marketplace. Lerner publishes a variety of books for PreK-12 students.  Want to check out Lerner’s books? Log in to access them through the AdoptAClassroom.org marketplace.  To help teachers and librarians understand what Lerner offers, AdoptAClassroom.org recently touched base with Karlyn, Classroom Marketing […]

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Native American History Month: Resources for Teachers

Native American History Month recognizes the historic and modern contributions of diverse Native peoples to the United States’ history and culture.  AdoptAClassroom.org is providing a list of free resources to help you highlight Native cultures this month and integrate Native voices into your curriculum year-round.  Please note: AdoptAClassroom.org is sharing these resource(s) with the intent […]

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Teacher Resources: Caring for Yourself After Trauma

Being a teacher is stressful. You’re asked to teach, hold compassionate space for your students, and navigate the swirl of social and political contexts that emerge in your classroom every day. Any person under this amount of recurring stress, or during an unexpected crisis, is capable of developing trauma. Above all else, we recommend seeking […]


Trauma-Informed Teaching Practices for Talking to Students About Traumatic Events

Teaching has been immensely challenging over the last few years. Teachers have had to facilitate learning in the face of traumatic events happening in their communities and worldwide. While it’s important to address these events in the classroom, it can be hard to sort through trauma-informed teaching practices to find the right way to speak […]

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