Vendor Highlight: Becker’s 

Becker’s has been an marketplace vendor for several years. A go-to vendor for many early education and elementary school teachers, they offer everything from classroom decor to child-sized furniture.  

Want to check out Becker’s early education staples? Log in to access their products through the marketplace. recently touched base with Leslie Eslinger, Director of Education and Development at Becker’s, to help teachers better understand how Becker’s can help them use their classroom donations on the items students need. What types of products does Becker’s offer teachers through the marketplace?

Leslie, Becker’s: Becker’s is proud to offer a full line of learning materials, educational toys and games, indoor and outdoor equipment, classroom and school furnishings and other products that are essential to creating vibrant learning spaces. Why is the partnership with important to Becker’s?

Leslie, Becker’s: We have enjoyed our partnership with for several years now. As a family-owned business with over 95 years of experience, we know there’s always more to learn. At Becker’s, our mission is to “understand, anticipate, and be responsive to the needs of schools, educators, and young students by providing the tools, resources, and customized solutions for 21st century learning.” We learn so much about educators’ needs by following the requests on the marketplace. By staying tuned in, we can serve teachers best and support the success of students in some small way. How has Becker’s responded to changing teacher needs? For example, many teachers saw an increased need for social-emotional learning (SEL) tools after distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Leslie, Becker’s: We are fortunate to have close relationships with our loyal following of customers and we constantly hear feedback about their classroom needs. It has been an across-the-board concern that students need additional SEL tools to help them readapt to the classroom environment and be ready to learn! We have added a wide range of materials including book sets, SEL curriculums and support materials in English and Spanish, and adaptive aids to support neurodiversity in the classroom.

In addition, we share the concern with many teachers and other school personnel about the added stress they are experiencing in their work. We worked with a mindfulness specialist to develop sets of tools for the adults who need and deserve stress-management and emotional support. The My Self-Care and Wellness Cards and Posters were developed in direct response to this important concern.

Find more SEL Resources here. ​​Becker’s offers a variety of furniture for classrooms. Why is it important for students to have furniture that is made for them?

Leslie, Becker’s: The comfort of a classroom environment is a critically important element for a successful learning and teaching experience. There’s been a movement, especially in early childhood classrooms, to create nurturing environments with soft elements that also integrate home cultures and reflect the interests of the students. 

Successful classrooms provide seating, desks, and tables sized to the students for physical comfort; furnishings such as privacy cubes that support children who need to reduce stimulation; and shelving units that allow students to easily access materials, independently. Do you have any free resources for educators? Where can teachers find them?

Leslie, Becker’s: Yes, I’m so glad you asked. I often forget to highlight the value-added FREE resources and services we provide. We offer free Professional Development Webinars for training credit hours (not CEU’s). Our upcoming webinars and access to recordings can be found here.

Also, some of our products have supplemental teaching guides that are available online for free download. Here is an example of a guide that is available for free download with our Becker’s Feelings Matter Puzzle Set. 

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Please note: is sharing these resources with the intent to spread awareness and promote conversation among educators. Sharing a resource is not an endorsement of the resource for classroom use. Educators are the experts on their students’ needs and their school’s policies. Please always be mindful if a resource is a good fit for your classroom.