How To Take Photos of Your Classroom

Do you need to upload a profile photo to your classroom page? Maybe one of our corporate sponsors adopted your classroom, and we requested a thank-you photo of you and your students?

We know that teachers are busy, so we wanted to make the process of taking classroom photos for as easy as possible. To help you take inspiring classroom photos, we’ve gathered six simple photography tips for teachers to help them show off their classroom to donors and corporate sponsors. 

How To Take Inspiring Photos for

1. Take photos using your phone

You don’t need a fancy camera to take photos. We want real, personal photos of your classroom, and phone photos absolutely deliver. 

2. Ask Someone Else To Take A Photo of You

Whether you’re taking a photo for your classroom profile picture or to submit an impact report, make sure to hand your phone to one of your colleagues and ask them to snap a picture of you. It’s difficult to show off your classroom in a photo when you’re taking a selfie.

3. Take Photos in Your Classroom 

Speaking of real, personal photos – make sure you’re taking photos in your classroom! Your past and future donors want to see the environment that their donation is benefitting and helping to shape. 

For example, we love this photo of Tera sitting at her desk in her classroom. 

4. Ensure There’s Enough Lighting To Avoid Dark Photos

We know that classroom lighting can be a struggle. Please make sure your environment is well-lit so that we can see the faces and materials you’re sharing with us. 

5. Retake Blurry or Unfocused Photos

Your photos don’t have to be fancy, but they should be visible. If a photo is blurry or unfocused, please try and take another one.  You can always submit a few options if you’re not sure what is best!

6. Take Photos of Students Holding or Unboxing School Supplies

Pictures of students holding school supplies show the power of WHO a potential or past donor’s donation supports. It’s equally powerful to illustrate how the materials will be used in your classroom by showing students interacting with the purchased school supplies. 

Photos of you and/or your students unboxing school supplies can also be a fun way to show your donor just how excited your classroom was to receive their donation.

Any time you are submitting a photo or video to, please make sure that you also submit a signed photo release for yourself and any other adults or students pictured.

If you have any questions about taking photos for your classroom, please contact [email protected] to reach out to the Teacher Services Team.