School Program Registration Tips: Public Pages vs. Private Pages for Schools

Public-Facing vs. Non Public-Facing Pages for Schools

Setting up your free school page on is designed to be quick and easy, but we understand you may have some questions along the way. One thing we want to make sure all of our School Program users understand is what it means to have a school page that is public-facing, vs. one that is not.  

Whether you have a public-facing page or not, your school will be eligible to receive funds through our national network of corporate sponsors and foundations, and you will receive notification of grant opportunities. But, there are some key differences between public-facing and non public-facing pages.

What is a public-facing page?

  • A public-facing page will be visible on our website so donors across the country can learn more about your school and fundraising needs.
  • When donors visit, they can find public-facing school pages by clicking on “Donate,” and selecting “Find A School.” They can also read about the different schools and their unique fundraising needs. If you chose to upload a photo or video on your page to help tell your story, donors will be able to view those as well.
  • To view the public-facing school pages on our site, click here. If you choose to make your school page public-facing, it will appear on our site with the other public-facing pages.
  • To ensure full compliance with district fundraising policies, before your school page can be made public-facing, we require an approval letter that clearly states that you (the account administrator) have authorization to publicly fundraise on behalf of your school. Click here for guidance on what the letter should say. Your school page will not be public-facing until we receive an approval letter.

What are the benefits of a public-facing page?

  • An easy way to reach out to your school’s community network to raise funds. Principals, PTO/PTAs, faculty, and parents may share and promote your school donation page, asking family, friends, and local businesses to donate.
  • Increased access to funding. Your school page will be visible to our national network of donors. This gives your school more exposure to potential donors you may not have a connection with already.

If you choose to make your school page public-facing, please read these fundraising tips on our blog.

What is a non public-facing page?

  • A non public-facing page is not searchable online or visible on our website. The only person who can see your page is you.
  • Since the page is not public-facing, you do not need a letter of approval from your district. does not require an approval letter for non public-facing pages because they cannot be used for crowdfunding. Our goal is to be a good partner for schools and for their districts. We understand that your district may have concerns about crowdfunding, and may even have a policy in place that restricts, or places specific rules around crowdfunding. If this is the case in your district, a non public-facing page is a great option for your school.
  • While non public-facing pages are not visible on our site, they do give your school access to funding opportunities from corporate sponsors, foundations, and grants. Once your school is registered, you will receive updates on these funding opportunities via the email address you provide during the registration process.

Haven’t created your school page yet? Click here to complete your free and quick registration for our School Program.

If you have questions about our School Program, or need help setting up your page, please contact us at [email protected], or 877-384-0764. You can also check out our School Program FAQs.