A Detailed Guide to School Pages

How to Complete Your School Page, Step by Step

When you create your school page, you’ll be able to tell your school’s story, set a fundraising goal, and talk about your school’s unique needs. As you work on your page, read on for guidance every step of the way.

There are two things to do before you start working on your school page:

1. Decide if you intend to publicly fundraise on our platform. It is a good idea to decide this right away because it will determine the type of page you create (public-facing or non public-facing).

Click here for more information on public-facing vs. non public-facing pages.

Whatever you decide, you can always make edits to the information on your school page, and we can help you switch from a non public-facing page to a public-facing page, or vice versa if needed.

Click here to see the public-facing pages that are currently published on our website.  

2. Upload a photo to your “School Page Dashboard.” Click here for help with uploading your photo.

Now you’re ready to begin setting up your school page! To get started, click the “Create School Page” button on the dashboard.

Select Your School

Start typing in the name of your school. A dropdown menu will appear and populate with school names based on what you type into the field.

  • Tip: To ensure you select the correct school, please note the city and state listed next to the school choices in the dropdown.

Select your school from the dropdown.

Note: If you accidentally select the incorrect school, click the “Remove” button to choose a different school from the dropdown menu.

If the name of your school does not appear in list, please click the “Create School” button to submit your school for verification.

We will review the school name you submit to determine the following:

If your school already exists in our database with a different name. For example, you typed “Jefferson Middle School,” but the same school is listed as “Thomas Jefferson Middle School” in our database.

If your school already exists in our database with a different name, we will update your school account record with the name we have in our database and notify you via email.


If your school does not qualify for our School Program. We serve accredited K-12 public, private and charter schools in any community across the U.S., including all U.S. territories. We also serve preschool programs that are based in an accredited K-12 school in the U.S.  

Note: This policy is outlined in our Terms of Use.

If your school qualifies but is not in our database, we will add it and notify you via email.

If your school does not qualify we will notify you via email.

Note: If you submitted your school for verification, you can create and save your school page while the school name is under review.

Talk About Your School

In the “Description” field,  share information about your school and what makes it unique.

Here are some thought-starters to help you write a great school description:

  • Your school’s mission, values, and/or goals.
  • Details about the student population your school serves. Are your students low-income? Do they have special needs? How many students are enrolled?
  • Is your school Title 1? Does your school offer free or reduced price lunch? Have you been affected by budget cuts?
  • What unique challenges and/or opportunities does your school have?
  • Your school’s location. How would you describe the community where your school is located? Is your school in a rural or urban area?  

Note the character count requirements: a minimum of 250 and a maximum of 2,500.

How do you Plan to Spend Your Funds?

In the “How will you spend your funds” field, describe what your school needs and how the funds your school receives will help.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Be as descriptive as possible about what your school would like to purchase. For example, if your school needs new technology, list exactly what kind (new computers for a school media lab, interactive whiteboards for every classroom, etc.), how it will be used, and why your school needs it.
  • Talk about the benefit to the students. How will extra funding help you meet your students’ needs? How will the items you purchase help your students succeed in school?
  • What is the expected outcome or impact these funds and the items you purchase will have on your school?

Note the character count requirements: a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 1,500.

Set Your Fundraising Goal

In the “Fundraising Goal” field, enter the amount of funding your school needs to purchase what you described in the “How will you spend your funds?” section.

Some things to remember when setting your fundraising goal:

  • Be honest. No amount is too big or small. There are schools actively fundraising on our platform with goals ranging from $300-$30,000.
  • Make a budget for your described purchases or project to help determine an accurate number.
    • Tip: You can visit our online marketplace to search for what you need and see what it will cost. To get to the marketplace, go to your school dashboard and click the “Go to Shop” button.
  • You can use the “How will you spend your funds?” field to explain why you have set your goal to the amount you enter in the “Fundraising Goal” field.
  • Every school has different, unique needs. We understand these needs are dynamic and changing. Feel free to update your goal at any time to reflect your school’s needs accurately.

Note: The goal defaults to $740. We chose this as the default because it’s the average amount teachers spend out-of-pocket each year on classroom supplies. The amount can be changed to any desired amount.

Upload a Video  

If you intend to have a public-facing page, we highly encourage you to include a brief video to help donors learn more about your school. To add a video to your page, all you have to do is paste a YouTube link into the “School Video URL” field.

While a video is not required, we recommend sharing one on your page because it’s an effective way to directly connect donors to your school. You can include a video that you already have, or create a new one that visually describes your school’s needs, and highlights what you talk about in the “About School” and/or “How will you spend your funds?” fields.

Note: If you include people in your video, please make sure you have their permission before adding it to your school page.

If you do not intend to have a public-facing page you can still upload a video if you choose, but please note that it will not be visible to donors because your page will not be published online.

Select a Color Theme

If you intend to have a public-facing page, you can customize it by selecting a color theme. Click on the “Community Color Theme” dropdown to select one of four color options: purple, red, yellow, or teal.

The color you choose will be the background color on your school fundraising page that donors will see on our website. Your photo, school name, and descriptive information will appear against this color.

Note: If you do not select a color, it will default to purple.

If you do not intend to have a public-facing page, you do not need to select a color theme. The color will not be visible because your page will not be published online.


Save your page by clicking the “Save” button at the bottom of the page. Then, you will be taken to your school page, where you will be able to review and edit the information you entered when creating your page.

Will your Page be Public-facing?

On your profile page you will notice two fields with checkboxes that were not part of the “Create School Page” process: “Hide My Page from Search Results Online” and “Active.”

“Hide My Page from Search Results Online”

If you intend to use our platform to publicly fundraise for your school:

  • Do not check the “Hide My Page from Search Results Online” box.
  • You will need a letter that states that you are authorized to use our platform to fundraise for your school.  See “Upload an Approval Letter.”

Note: Your page will not be visible in online search results until you submit an approval letter. See: “Upload an Approval Letter.”

If you do not intend to publicly fundraise for your school on our platform:

  • Check the “Hide My Page from Search Results Online” box to hide your school page from search results on AdoptAClassroom.org.
  • You do not need to do anything further to set up your page. Just make sure to update your school’s information as needed. See: “Review and Keep Your Page Up-to-Date.”


The “Active” checkbox can only be modified by AdoptAClassroom.org. If you have a public-facing page, this box will be checked to indicate that your page is visible, or “active,” on our website. If you do not have a public-facing page, this box will remain unchecked.

Upload an Approval Letter

If you would like to publicly fundraise for your school on our platform, you will need to upload an approval letter that clearly states that you have authorization to do so, before we can publish your page on our site.  

Accepted file types are: JPG, PDF, or PNG. For a sample letter, and more information about why we need it for public-facing pages, click here.

Note: If your school is in the Saint Paul Public Schools District in Saint Paul, MN, you already have district approval to fundraise for your school on our platform. You do not need to upload an approval letter. Please skip this step. Questions? Contact [email protected].

To upload your letter, click on the “View School Page” button.

Then, click the “Upload Files/Or drop files” button and select the file you’d like to upload.

After you upload your letter, we will review it for approval. If approved, we will make your page public-facing so donors can see that your school is looking for funding.

If we do not approve your letter, we will reach out to you via email to let you know why.

Note: An approval letter is only required if you intend to make your page public-facing to fundraise for your school on our site.

Review and Keep Your Page Up-to-Date

Take a moment to review the information you shared about your school and fundraising needs. You can make edits to your page at any time.

The next time you login to your school page and would like to make edits, click “View School Page” from your dashboard.  

Then, click the “Edit” button. A new window will popup where you can make and save your changes.

  • Tip: You can also get to the editing window by hovering over each field and clicking on the dark blue pencil icon.

We highly encourage you to update your page on a regular basis. This ensures donors will have access to the most relevant information about your school and its needs (if it’s public-facing). Additionally, your school will be much more likely to be considered for corporate sponsor funds when available, whether your page is public-facing or not.

If you need help registering your school, please contact us at [email protected], or 1-877-384-0764.

If you have questions about our school program, check out our School Program FAQs, or contact us at [email protected], or 1-877-384-0764.