Spotlight Funds shine a light
on specific areas of need.

How It Works

Step 1.
Pick a Spotlight Fund
that matches your
interests or passion

Step 2.
Make your

Step 3.
Teachers and
schools register
for funding

Step 4.
Students get
what they
need to succeed

Our Spotlight Funds have reached 18,900 students.

Supports classrooms in the
highest-poverty schools across
the country.

Supports educators’ work
to foster inclusivity and accessibility of
all types in the classroom.

Supports teachers in the first three years
of their careers, when many struggle
to equip their classrooms.

Supports the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts,
and Math to get the materials
needed to teach.

The impact of a natural disaster reverberates throughout a community.
When schools close for repairs, sometimes for weeks or months, our most
vulnerable students lose access to nutritious meals and shelter.
The psychological and emotional toll leaves its mark on the entire school.

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