Ways Teachers Can Raise Classroom Funds

3 Ways Teachers Can Raise Classroom Donations on AdoptAClassroom.org!

AdoptAClassroom.org is a national nonprofit that provides classroom donations to PreK-12 teachers and schools throughout the U.S. Our nonprofit is committed to making sure teachers and students have the tools they need to make the 2021/22 school year a success. 

We know that success looks different for everyone. AdoptAClassroom.org is the most flexible classroom funding platform for PreK-12 educators at public, private and charter schools. Whether you want to participate in crowdfunding, apply for our Spotlight Fund grants, or enter our AdoptAClassroom.org giveaways, or all of the above, the first step towards receiving funding for your classroom is registering here. 

“AdoptAClassroom.org made ALL the difference for my students in the 2020/21 school year.  Truly we could not have had a successful year without this organization!” – Anonymous Educator, Oregon

How to Raise Classroom Donations on AdoptAClassroom.org

1. Giveaways!

Corporate Partner Giveaways

AdoptAClassroom.org’s corporate partners make supporting teachers a priority. AdoptAClassroom.org announces giveaways hosted by our corporate partners in our monthly newsletter, so be sure to sign up for our teacher mailing list here to receive giveaway notifications. 

Any classroom donations you win through our sponsors will be conveniently disbursed in your AdoptAClassroom.org account. Some sponsors will also give away classroom products. 

Social Media Giveaways

Our Twitter chats are a great way to engage with fellow educators and enter for a chance to win funds for your classroom. Follow us on Twitter for more information on our upcoming Twitter chats.

2. Crowdfunding 

Community Crowdfunding

Community crowdfunding is about letting your friends, family members, and neighbors know that you’re raising funds for your classroom needs. Classroom crowdfunding on AdoptAClassroom.org starts with sharing the link to your classroom page. 

You can find tips on asking for classroom donations on social media here. 

If you’re looking to create a social media post that catches the eye of your donors, check out our free templates and images here. 

Donation Matches

Sign up for our newsletter to be alerted when donation match is taking place. 

Monthly Donations

With AdoptAClassroom.org, your most enthusiastic supporters can make monthly classroom donations. 

AdoptAClassroom.org’s flexible spending model means that you’ll have access to each donation that you receive immediately. This  makes it easy to purchase last minute craft supplies or snacks when your stash runs out. 

3. Spotlight Fund Grants 

As an educator, you can apply for a grant on AdoptAClassroom.org for any of the following Spotlight Funds when we have a call to entry: Inclusive Classroom Fund, Racial Equity in Schools Fund, STEM Fund, Art Fund, COVID-19 Relief Fund, or the Natural Disaster Relief Fund. 

All Spotlight Fund opportunities are announced via our newsletter

AdoptAClassroom.org wants to be part of your successful school year. If you made it to the end of this blog post and you’re still not registered, what are you waiting for? Register today. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].