Kleenex® and Meijer Support 50 Michigan Teachers

During this challenging time for educators and students, Kleenex® and Meijer teamed up with AdoptAClassroom.org to support teachers in Meijer’s home state of Michigan.

Through the Kleenex® and Meijer Thank A Teacher Giveaway, 50 outstanding Michigan teachers each received a $500 Meijer gift card for their classroom needs. Thanks to Kleenex® and Meijer, hundreds of students in Michigan will have the supplies they need to be successful this coming school year, whether from home, or in the classroom. 

Teachers always need supplies, and often spend their own money to get what they need for their classrooms and students. According to our recent Teacher Spending Survey of nearly 4,000 PreK-12 teachers nationwide, teachers are spending more than ever before. During the 2019/2020 school year, teachers spent an average of $745 out-of-pocket on classroom supplies. When distance learning began this past spring, teachers spent an average of $252 on the tools and materials they needed to adapt their curriculums for remote teaching, and to keep their students engaged. 

Not only are teachers spending more, they are also making the extra effort to mail or drop off supplies at their students’ homes. With so many families unable to afford school supplies or adequate technology for distance learning, teachers stepped in to fill the gap. 70% said they have dropped off or mailed items to their students’ homes for distance learning to keep them engaged.

“Due to remote learning, I had to mail weekly assignments to my younger students. I spent over $150 on mailing supplies/assignments. I also had to take paper, crayons, pencils, and rulers to my students during this time, and I purchased an online academic resource to supplement student learning. To continue teaching my students remotely, I will need to purchase a new printer/scanner, copy paper, and a portable white board. Flexible funding will certainly help!”

– 2020 Teacher Spending Survey Respondent

Kleenex and Meijer’s support of teachers this back-to-school season means hundreds of students in Michigan will have the tools and materials they deserve to succeed, whether learning in classrooms or from their homes.

A BIG thank you to Kleenex® and Meijer, and to everyone who participated in the Thank A Teacher Giveaway!