How Your Business Can Make A Big Impact In Your Community makes it easy for local businesses to provide funding support to neighborhood schools and classrooms throughout the U.S. Our school-wide classroom adoption events provide a meaningful way to engage your employees in the community, and instill a sense of pride in your company. Your employees and customers will feel good knowing you have helped put school supplies in the hands of children so they can learn and succeed.

STEP Academy’s story is a great example of how these events have the power to transform a school, and how easy it is for your company to execute.

Last fall, gave the teachers at STEP Academy, a K-12 charter school in St. Paul, MN, a meaningful surprise. During a school-wide assembly, announced our donation of $10,000 to be given to the school’s teachers, so they could purchase classroom supplies for their students.  

As you can imagine, the gym lit up with a steady roar of cheers. Then came the tears of joy.

STEP Academy is not unlike most K-12 schools today. Shrinking education budgets mean teachers are using their own money to stock their classrooms so their students have the tools and materials they need to learn and succeed. In fact, according to’s 2018 Teacher Spending Survey, teachers spend an average of $740 out-of-pocket each year on classroom supplies. School-wide classroom adoptions help fill that gap in funding.

We circled back to STEP Academy’s Academic Dean of Administration, Traci Moore, to hear first-hand how a school-wide classroom adoption event positively impacts a school. “My top priority is providing the tools for education that the STEP Academy teachers need,” Moore said. “Because I have to prioritize funding and level of need, I often have to cross things off the list, or delay their purchase because of budget constraints. This surprise donation meant I didn’t have to  cross anything off the list.”

She told us that the impact goes far beyond supplying pencils and paper. “Often times teachers don’t receive the support they need or deserve,” said Moore. “This donation helped recognize each teacher for their hard work and dedication, and was very special for them.“

“Working with was a fun and joyous experience,” said Moore. “They’re well organized and easy to work with. No one at our school had to do anything to receive the funds. It was a gift from start to finish.”

At, we do our best to make the experience as easy as possible for school administrators and teachers. We understand that they are busy professionals, and that their responsibilities extend far beyond managing their classrooms.
We apply this same philosophy when it comes to our sponsors. Our team is committed to making our sponsors’ experience as seamless and turn-key when it comes to supporting teachers and schools in the communities where they do business. We want to help our sponsors achieve their CSR goals.

Why partner with to support a school?

  • We work directly with school districts and administrators to connect your business with high-need schools in the communities where your customers and employees live and work.
  • We understand that every business has a budget, along with specific cause-marketing goals and objectives. We work closely with our partners to identify the impact that they want to make, and then recommend a donation amount that can accomplish those goals and fit their budget.
  • You’ll receive impact information and thank-you content from the schools, teachers, and students you support. You can hang these up in your business and share them through your social media channels.
  • We’re transparent and accountable. We can provide comprehensive reporting of every school supply purchased with your donation. You will know your dollars were put to good use.

The benefits of school-wide classroom adoption events

  • Employee engagement. Invite your team members to experience the event first-hand and see how their company supports the community.
  • Secure local media coverage for your company. Invite the local press to come cover the event.  After the event, make sure to post photos on social media.
  • Bolster your company’s reputation for doing good. Your business can make a lasting and positive difference in the future lives of many children and their families, some of whom may be your friends, neighbors, and customers.

If your business is interested in learning more or partnering with, contact [email protected].

Together, we can make a big difference for teachers and students in need.

If you’re a school administrator, register your school for free on Once registered, your school will be able to fundraise on our platform, receive funds from donors, and apply for grants.