Blog to Raise $10K for Adopt-A-Classroom

For Back-to-School this year, Elmer’s pledged to donate $10,000 to Adopt-A-Classroom as part of its Bag It Forward campaign. Anyone who has a blog can help to raise $10 just by writing a blog post! Here’s how it works:

Elmer’s will donate $10 per each post written to Adopt-A-Classroom, up to $10,000. Bloggers participate by giving away a *virtual* bag of school supplies (you don’t have to actually buy anything!) and creating a blog post with these specific rules:

  • Copy and paste these rules to your blog post.
  • Create a blog post giving a virtual bag of school supplies to another blogger – you can give as many virtual bags as you want.
  • Link back to person who gave you a bag of school supplies.
  • Let each person you are giving a virtual bag of school supplies know you have given them a bag.
  • Leave your link in the Elmer’s Virtual Bag It Forward comment section. You can also find the official rules of this virtual #bagitforward program there.

This starts today and ends midnight EST on Thursday, August 12.

Remember! Your blog post link has to be submitted in the comment section here for your participation to be counted.

We’re very excited to be working with Elmer’s on this campaign. If you don’t blog yourself, please tell any friends that do and have them participate.

More cool partnerships to come for Back-to-School…