Grants for Teachers

Grants for Teachers to Use on Classroom Supplies

Classroom grants can help educators accomplish large-scale learning initiatives, transform their classroom space, and mitigate their classroom spending. To help educators navigate applying for classroom funding, has assembled a list of grants for teachers. 

The list below contains opportunities from, as well as education-oriented nonprofits and foundations. We’ve arranged the grants for teachers by the season of their deadline, for practical use. We will be regularly updating and adding to this blog with new grant opportunities, so be sure to check back in! 

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To help teachers with the writing process, we’ve also compiled advice for applying for grants. Check out our best tips here. 

Grants for Teachers

Throughout the Year Deadlines Spotlight Fund Grants opens applications for our Spotlight Fund grants seasonally.  

You can apply for funds through one of our Spotlight Funds, which focus on a specific area of learning or educational need. Sign up to receive our teacher newsletter here to receive a notification when you can apply for our classroom grants.

Our Spotlight Fund grants are:

  • Arts Fund 
    • The Arts Fund supports art education at all levels. 
  • COVID-19 Relief Fund for Teachers and Students
    • The COVID-19 Relief Fund for Teachers and Students supports teachers who need PPE or are looking to support their students’ social-emotional and academic learning in the trauma of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Inclusive Classroom Fund 
    • The Inclusive Classroom Fund provides educators with the supplies they need to meet the diverse needs of their students. 
  • Racial Equity in Schools Fund
    • The Racial Equity in Schools Fund supports students and teachers of color by providing flexible funding for multicultural books, professional development, school supplies, and funding for equity initiatives. 
  • STEM Fund
    • The STEM Fund supports science, technology, engineering, and math initiatives. 

DEADLINES: Announced throughout the year

GRANT AMOUNT: $250 – $1,000+

Association of American Educators Foundation

The Association of American educators offers grants and scholarships for teachers. Grants can be used on classroom supplies, while scholarships can be used for professional development.

DEADLINES: March 1 and October 1, annually. 

GRANT AMOUNT: Up to $500. 

Colibri Special Projects Grants

Colibri offers grants for K-12 educators to spend on large special projects in their classrooms. There are no restrictions on the subject of the projects, but it must benefit more than fifteen students. 

DEADLINES: Grant applications accepted year-round, but recipients are announced in June and November. 

GRANT AMOUNT: Up to $5,000

The Mockingbird Foundation

The Mockingbird Foundation funds music education-related grants at schools and non-profits. 

DEADLINES: Grant Inquiries accepted June through January. 

GRANT AMOUNT: $100 – $10,000

Spring Deadlines

NWEA Educators for Equity Grant Program

The NWEA supports large-scale, culturally relevant programs at K-12 schools that aim to support students who face historical and current marginalization in the school system. 

DEADLINES: Deadlines are announced each Spring. They are currently on pause for 2022. 

GRANT AMOUNT: Up to $10,000

Summer Deadlines

P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education

The P. Buckley Moss Foundation offers funding for art supplies, with a special focus on students who learn differently. 

DEADLINES: Applications may be submitted from July 1 through September 30, annually.

GRANT AMOUNT: Up to $1,000

Fall Deadlines

Running Strong for American Indian Youth: Dreamstarter Teacher Program

The Dreamstarter Teacher Program is open to teachers, librarians, counselors, coaches, and other support staff who teach or support Native students. 

DEADLINES: Deadlines are announced each fall. 

GRANT AMOUNT: Up to $1,000

Winter Deadlines

Fund for Teachers

Fund for Teachers supports professional development projects that are directly and materially beneficial for the teachers’ students. Application requirements vary by state. 

DEADLINE: The deadline for this grant for teachers is in late Winter. Current deadline of February 24, 2022. 

GRANT AMOUNT: $1,000 – $10,000

McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation

The McCarthey-Dressman Education Foundation offers academic enrichment grants and teacher development grants. 

DEADLINE: Applications open on January 15. Their application system closes once they receive 350 applications. 

GRANT AMOUNT: $250 – $10,000

Do you know of any grants for teachers to add to our list? 

If you know of a grant opportunity, please contact [email protected]. If the grant meets our criteria, we will add it to this list.