Teacher Tips for Classroom Fundraising on AdoptAClassroom.org

AdoptAClassroom.org provides teachers with  classroom fundraising resources so they can give their students the tools they need to succeed in school without spending their own money. We offer a variety of classroom fundraising options for teachers so they can choose the methods that work best for them. Teachers can raise donations through our crowdfunding platform, classroom grants, giveaways, and corporate sponsorships. 

We asked our community of expert teachers on Twitter to share their tips for raising classroom funds on AdoptAClassroom.org. Here’s what they had to say:

Classroom Fundraising Tips for Teachers


1. Build relationships with your donors

Stay in contact with your donors all year round, not just during big fundraising seasons like Back to School and Teacher Appreciation Week. This will make donors feel more connected to your classroom. When donors see the impact of their donations on students, they’re more likely to give again.

2. Try new social media channels

While Twitter and Facebook are great channels for classroom fundraising, we’re seeing an increased number of teachers finding success on TikTok and Nextdoor.

TikTok is a great way to make a quick but personal request for donations to your network of potential donors. Nextdoor is a great way to reach out to your neighbors and ask them to donate to support students in your shared community.

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3. Share the link to your classroom page multiple places

The easier it is to find the link to your classroom fundraising page, the more likely it is that donors will find it!

4. Schedule your social media posts

We understand that you don’t always have time for classroom fundraising. Scheduling Tweets and other social media posts allows you to keep getting the word out without requiring you to remember to log in regularly to post. 

For more tips on crowdfunding, check out our Fundraising Guide here.

Grant Writing

1. Pay attention to the little things

Grant writing is a balance between detail-oriented writing and storytelling. 

2. Don’t just copy and paste!

While some elements may be the same from application to application, putting in the extra work to make  your application unique increases your odds of receiving the funds. Be sure to read carefully and take your time.


1. Keep an eye out for new classroom giveaways!

You can learn about all of our funding opportunities here.

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