OOLY 2021 Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway

$300 Classroom Adoption and OOLY Prize Pack Teacher Giveaway

Teachers bring laughter and learning to their virtual and in-person classrooms, even when the COVID-19 pandemic makes things feel dark. At AdoptAClassroom.org, we want to celebrate that resilient joy, so we’ve partnered with our friends at OOLY for a teacher giveaway that will bring a smile to your face. 

Be sure to do these three things from April 26 – May 2 for your chance to win $300 on AdoptAClassroom.org and a Prize Pack from OOLY ($100 value):

  1. Follow our friends at OOLY on Instagram. 
  2. Like OOLY’s social post about the giveaway
  3. Enter the teacher giveaway on OOLY’s website with your name, email, school name, and school location. 

PreK-12 teachers can enter the teacher giveaway from Monday, April 26th to Sunday, May 2nd. OOLY will randomly draw five teachers. Each teacher wins a $300 classroom credit on AdoptAClassroom.org and a fun prize pack from OOLY ($100 value). You do not have to be registered on AdoptAClassroom.org to enter. 

For each giveaway winner, AdoptAClassroom.org will select one of our registered high-needs teachers to receive a $300 classroom credit on AdoptAClassroom.org and a prize pack from OOLY. 

OOLY will announce all 10 winners on Instagram on Friday, May 7th. 

Thank you to our partners at OOLY for helping us end the school year on a bright note!