Teacher Wishlist: How To Get Started

If you have a long teacher wishlist of items for your classroom, you’re in luck. AdoptAClassroom.org makes it easy to quickly ask for the school supplies you and your students need.

Why Should You Create Your Teacher Wishlist on AdoptAClassroom.org?

  1. It’s fast and easy. Set up your classroom page in less than 10 minutes. Once your page is created, donors can find and fund your classroom here.
  2. Your funding is flexible. You are not tied to the items in your wishlist today. You will receive an AdoptAClassroom.org credit that you can use to order the supplies you need over the next 12 months. 100% of your online donations go into your account so you can order supplies.
  3. We’re a nonprofit. Every dollar AdoptAClassroom.org raises goes towards supporting educators like you. Our only goal is to help students and teachers in need, not to make massive profits. Plus when a donor gives to your classroom, it’s tax-deductible!
  4. Monthly Giving. While a one-time gift is nice, we know that your classroom needs do not stop in October. When donors give to your classroom, they have the option to give monthly. This helps you have access to the supplies you need all year long!
  5. Tools for Fundraising. Once you register on AdoptAClassroom.org, you’ll have access to our Teacher Dashboard and fundraising resources that make it easy to ask for what you need.

Here’s How To Get Started:

  1. Sign Up for AdoptAClassroom.org. Teachers can register here.
  2. Write Your Classroom Fundraising Page. We have tips for teachers on our blog. With AdoptAClassroom.org you do not need to give an exact teacher wishlist of everything you need, just give your donors a general idea.
  3. Share! Check out our Teacher Resources page for fundraising tips and how to share your page with potential donors.

No matter what you need for your classroom, we are here to support you! Learn more about our Teacher Program so we can help make your classroom wish come true.