How to Create a Classroom Page

Creating a classroom page on is the first step in purchasing the resources you need most for your classroom.

Think of your classroom page as the primary method of sharing your classroom’s unique story. This page can be searched by donors on, and even shared directly within your communities.

Creating a page is easy. Just follow the steps below, and you’ll be on your way to funding your classroom and accessing our online marketplace.

1. After logging into your account, click Create Classroom to begin the process.

2. Begin by typing the name of your school. As you type, a dropdown menu will appear. Scroll to find your school, and click the school in your city and state.

3. Is your school not listed? No problem! Click Create School to add your school to our system. After submitting your school’s information for approval, you can return to completing your classroom page.

4. Now you’re ready to tell the community about your classroom. Select your grade level, subject area, and number of students. Note: By this point, your school name should be in blue as seen below. If not, try steps 1-3 again.

how to select your grade level on

5. Use the Description section to tell your unique teaching story. Check out the blog post written by Dr. Jakeisha Gibson if you need inspiration on how to tell your story.

6. Next, fill in “How Will You Spend Your Funds.” Feel free to come back and edit this section as your needs change.

how to write a classroom page

7. Finish filling in any remaining info such as your fundraising goal and donation page color. As a reminder, you do not need to meet your fundraising goal to spend the funds you raise.  

8. Finally, click Save to create the page. You can return later to edit your page by clicking View Classroom and then Edit.  

Now that your classroom is created, you are ready to share it with the world! Click on Fundraising Tool Kit on your Teacher Dashboard to get additional fundraising resources such as a printable donation flyer, social media content, and a direct link to your classroom page. If you’re looking for more tips on fundraising, check out our Fundraising Guide for Teachers.

Ready to get started? Login or register your classroom here.

If you need help creating your page or need some fundraising advice, reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll help get your classroom page up and running.