Classroom Crowdfunding Tips for Teachers

Teachers in need of supplies are always on the lookout for classroom crowdfunding tips. As a nonprofit crowdfunding platform for teachers and schools, we receive a lot of questions from teachers about how they can add to their fundraising toolkit.

To help teachers looking for classroom crowdfunding tips, we hosted a #ClassroomCrowdfunding Twitter Party where teachers across the country shared their best advice on fundraising for supplies.

Check out these five great tips given by teachers, for teachers:

1. Tell your classroom’s story.

Everyone likes a good story, and every classroom has a story to tell. Tell your story in your fundraising ask, and explain why your classroom NEEDS funding.

2. Explain how you’ll use donations.

Keep in mind that donors love seeing a specific goal that includes an itemized list of materials so they know where their funds are going. We know you need a lot of supplies for your classroom, but set a realistic goal so you can easily explain why you NEED the exact amount of money for the specific supplies you’re asking for.

If you have a reasonable request for a great initiative, more people will want to help.

3. Ask local businesses for support.

Teachers in rural areas struggle to reach donors, but every small community has small businesses. Contact a local insurance company, grocery store, mortgage lender, dentist, etc., and ask them to make a tax-deductible donation through to help your students reach their potential.

Clearly explain your classroom’s needs to the business, and offer to send an impact report they can share with their customers. Your impact report could include classroom photos, a list of the supplies purchased with their donation, and a thank you message.

When sending classroom photos, make sure to keep student privacy in mind. Learn more here.

4. Crowdfund during donation matches.

Courtney Jones, founder of the #ClearTheLists movement, teamed up with to give teachers classroom crowdfunding tips during our #ClassroomCrowdfunding Twitter Party. She highlighted the need to increase your fundraising efforts when nonprofits offer donation matches.

Make sure to fundraise during’s donor match on December 12, 2019.

5. Apply for grants and giveaways.

If you’re just getting started with crowdfunding, check out our Fundraising Guide for Teachers here. isn’t just a crowdfunding platform. We offer multiple ways to receive funding for your classroom. During our calls to entry, make sure to apply for our Spotlight Fund grants. Follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so you don’t miss out on giveaway opportunities!