Enter to Win $50 When You Participate in March Supply Madness

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March is finally here and we’ve got our brackets locked in…but we’re not talking about the NCAA basketball tournament. We’re bringing March Supply Madness back by popular demand, to help us determine which school supply is the classroom’s most valuable player. This year, we even added a fun twist: our brackets are filled exclusively with STEM supplies!

We received hundreds of grant applications for the AdoptAClassroom.org STEM Fund. After reviewing some really cool STEM project requests, we decided to highlight STEM materials to find out which one is the real Classroom MVP.

Here’s one of the great project requests we received for our STEM Fund:

Vote on STEM supplies to win $50

Starting March 13th, we’ll put classroom STEM supplies head-to-head each day on our Facebook page until we determine the STEM supply winner. If you vote by 11:59 p.m. CST on the day we post a new STEM matchup, you’ll be entered to win $50 for your classroom. There will be a $250 grand prize on the final day of voting to determine the STEM MVP.

You must be currently registered with an active classroom page on AdoptAClassroom.org to be eligible for funds. So, sign in and update your page now!  All donations will be made within one week after a winner is selected.

May the best STEM supply win!

Updated 03/28

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