Local Giving:

Activate in One or One Hundred Communities

Let’s partner to customize a local giving program in the communities where your employees and customers live and work.

Why Partner with AdoptAClassroom.org?

We can help you meet your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and/or Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals and objectives by matching you with schools and classrooms in the communities where you operate.

Our team can customize your local giving program by your key markets, or even down to a zip code. We coordinate with school and district administrators on your behalf and track and ensure every donated dollar is spent appropriately.

We can create a new, standalone proprietary program or layer into your existing program or campaign.

National Reach, Local Activation

We can match your business with teachers and schools in any community throughout the U.S.

Whether you want to support education in a single market, or in hundreds of cities where you operate, we geo-target your program.

Your business or store locations can build a lasting relationship with a local school, strengthening both your employees’ and community’s commitment to your brand.

Impact Report

Once your campaign ends, we’ll provide you with a final report that includes both quantitative and qualitative impact to share with your employees. In addition, we’ll provide you with compelling, shareable, creative content from our educators you can use in your own internal and external marketing.

There’s a good chance your stakeholders (employees, customers, vendors, and investors) want your company to support education.

How do we know? Education continues to be one of the top social issues Americans want companies to support.

Source: Accelerist Survey

Connect to Your Specific Areas of Interest 

We can shape your giving program and to serve your philanthropic focus or align more closely with your core business. We can geo-target locally, regionally or nationally.

These include, but aren’t limited to the following special interests and curriculum:

  • High-Needs Classrooms or Schools
  • STEM
  • The Arts
  • Special Education
  • LGBTQ Inclusion
  • Racial Equity
  • Social-Emotional Wellness
    and Mental Health
  • Disaster Relief

Credibility, Efficiency, and Transparency

Your local giving program needs a reputable 501(c)(3) nonprofit partner you can trust. Founded in 1998, we have been building credibility, efficiency, and transparency into every aspect of our mission and operation for more than 25 years.


AdoptAClassroom.org® holds the highest rating from Charity Navigator for operational excellence and from GuideStar/Candid for transparency.


Our technology platform allows us to operate very efficiently so most of our donations are directed to programs that support our mission, not administration costs. See our current financials and Annual Report here.


We track how every dollar donated is spent to ensure accountable spending of funds by teachers. We can provide you with summarized or complete reporting.

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Charity Navigator Four-Star logo.

What Our Corporate Sponsors Say About Partnering with AdoptAClassroom.org

Hear what Subaru of America had to say about AdoptAClassroom.org on The Engage for Good Podcast.

Local Giving Programs

Local School Adoptions at New Store Openings

Since 2017, Burlington has celebrated the Grand Opening of each new Burlington store with AdoptAClassroom.org by adopting a high-needs elementary school in the store’s community. AdoptAClassroom.org matches each new Burlington store with a school located within a few miles of the store.

The school’s staff and district administrators often attend the store’s ribbon cutting to thank their new community partner for their generous donation. Learn more.

Sheryl Crow:
Surprise Hometown School Adoption

AdoptAClassroom.org national spokesperson and former teacher Sheryl Crow surprised teachers in person at her hometown alma mater with a donation from Farmers Insurance.

Sheryl made her surprise announcement during the high school’s pep rally, journalist Jenna Bush Hager was onsite to cover the event for The TODAY Show. Learn more.

Sheryl Crow standing with teachers who are each holding a giant AdoptAClassroom.org check for $600.

Retailers Adopt High-Needs Schools in Their Communities

Through their affinity partnership with AdoptAClassroom.org, Subaru and its retailers adopt hundreds of schools nationwide each year during their August Subaru Loves Learning campaign.

AdoptAClassroom.org matches each Subaru retailer enrolled in the program with a high-needs school in their community. Many retailers choose to re-adopt the same school each year to build a deeper, lasting relationship with the school community. Learn more.

What Educators Say About Our Corporate Sponsors’ Support

Subaru Retailer Program:
Teacher Thank You

Teacher sitting on floor of her classroom.

“My local Subaru’s support means so much to me and my students. After such a tumultuous year of financial difficulty, Subaru will be partnering with me to create one of the greatest comeback stories in our community. Thank you for your resourceful support, Subaru.”

Tomeika, 6th Grade Teacher

HTLF’s Local Bank School Adoptions:
Teacher Thank You Video

“Bank of Blue Valley has opened doors for us at Fairview that we could have only ever dreamed of. We are dreaming big and creating our very own outdoor learning center with the $20,000 donation. With this outdoor learning center, we will be able to build community. We are going to pull our families and our students together so that this area can be enjoyed seven days a week.”

Ashley, Elementary Teacher

Burlington’s Back-to-School Campaign:
Teacher Thank You

Teacher standing in front of classroom blackboard.

“We were in such desperate need of recess equipment. Burlington’s donation makes a huge difference because the kids get to play outside now. We now have activities for them. I would like to thank Burlington for their donation, for giving back to the community.”

Rosa, 2nd Grade Teacher

Together, we can help ensure every student has the supplies they deserve to succeed in school.

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