Burlington Stores Raised More Than $1.8 Million for Teachers This Back-to-School Season

For the fifth consecutive year, Burlington, the national discount retailer, and their generous customers and associates stepped up to show their support! Their national, in-store fundraising campaign raised more than $1.8 million for AdoptAClassroom.org. Burlington’s support allows us to provide more teachers with the hands-on tools and materials their students will need in the classroom this school year.

Donations raised at 780+ Burlington store locations nationwide will provide teachers in our communities with extra funding for school supplies. The average teacher’s classroom budget for learning materials is just $212 for the entire year. With the additional funding provided by Burlington, teachers will have more freedom to purchase the classroom supplies they need to get their students off to a strong start.

“I tremendously appreciate the efforts of Burlington and its customers to provide the students in our shared community access to opportunities they might otherwise miss,” said Dan B., 4th grade teacher. “Your generosity allows teachers in deserving schools the resources to provide experiences and opportunities that our students need for their continued success!”

This year, Burlington’s support will be especially appreciated by teachers who need additional resources.

Kudos to Burlington for their commitment to providing classrooms with school supplies within their store communities. Since 2017, our GOLD Halo award-winning partnership has collected nearly $9 million to provide learning materials in 44,000 classrooms, supporting 1.1 million students nationwide.