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How Subaru Made Student-Led Learning Possible

Through Subaru Loves Learning, Subaru and its retailers provide flexible funding to support high-needs schools and their students nationwide. Their partnership with AdoptAClassroom.org ensures that classrooms can access the exact tools and materials they need to provide their students with the quality education they deserve. It allows teachers to get innovative to further engage their students.

One of those classrooms is Taylor G.’s business class at Kearns Jr. High in Salt Lake City, UT. Taylor received a donation from his local Subaru retailer, Mark Miller Subaru.

An Innovative Way To Teach Real-World Skills

Taylor wants his students to learn that what they’re taught in class relates to the real world. In order to apply these skills, students in his business course have the opportunity to manage their school’s store. 

“I want the students that run the student store to see how the business principles that we’re learning impact the school, and the other students at the school,” Taylor shared. 

Prior to receiving the donation from his local Subaru retailer, Taylor had been concerned with how he would be able to continue funding the school store. When he heard his classroom was being adopted by Mark Miller Subaru, one of the things he did was entrust his students with real buying power. 

“I pulled in the team I have running the store and explained to them that we got this donation,” Taylor said. “I let them get on the AdoptAClassroom.org website and they filled up the cart and chose all the things they wanted to stock the store with. They were able to spend real money, buy real products, and make real business plans.”

Students Natalie and Sky take out inventory for the school store.

A Transformative Learning Experience

For Taylor’s students, the experience of running a business is an important part of their school year. 

“Not only does the store allow kids to come and buy things like toys and candy, it also helps us get that glimpse of a store,” one of Taylor’s students shared. “We had very low supplies and limited amounts, but now we have a different variety. It was really cool, because I’ve never been offered a chance like that.”

Students Natalie and Sky in front of items the class ordered for their school store with Subaru’s donation.

With Subaru’s help, students at Kearns Junior High have a well-stocked store that empowers them to make financial decisions, learn practical business skills, and offers incentives to other students in the school. 


Building A Relationship With Their Local Retailer

The donation to Taylor’s class, as well as other classes at the school, would not have been possible without the team at Mike Miller Subaru. As part of Subaru Loves Learning, retailers and schools build long term partnerships. 

“I’ve been so impressed with Subaru’s dedication to kids and wanting to see them grow,” stated Principal of Kearns Junior High, Scott B. 

Watch the video that highlights Kearns Junior High and their partnership with their local Subaru retailer:

Subaru Loves Learning: Making An Impact 

In the second year of Subaru’s partnership with AdoptAClassroom.org, they will make an even bigger impact. Through Subaru Loves Learning, Subaru and its retailers will have supported more than 300,000 students across the country. Learn more about our partnership.

How Can I Help?

During Subaru Loves Learning month, August 1-31, 2022, Subaru will match your online donation to AdoptAClassroom.org dollar-for-dollar, up to $350,000 in total. Your gift will help make sure more teachers have the flexible funding they need to help their students start the school year off right. Give to AdoptAClassroom.org on Subaru’s website here.