Help Burlington Provide Supplies for One Million More Students 

This year marks the sixth year of our partnership with Burlington Stores to support local teachers and students nationwide. 

Since 2017, Burlington, their passionate associates, and generous customers have helped put classroom supplies into the hands of more than one million PreK-12 students. Your dollar truly does make a big difference. When you round up at checkout, you’re helping teachers purchase the supplies they need, without spending their own money, to create engaging lessons for their students.

Head to your local Burlington store location today through August 30th to support teachers in your community. Donations collected at Burlington’s more than 860 store locations will provide tools and materials to teachers and students through To donate, find a store location near you. 

Burlington’s support improves the daily lives of students and teachers

The last two years have been immensely challenging for educators. Teachers are spending an average of $750 of their own money each year on supplies for their students. This is more than ever before. Burlington’s support gives teachers access to materials and resources that make their students’ everyday learning more fun and enriching. 

Hear what other teachers have to say about how Burlington and their customers have made a big difference for their classrooms.

Join Burlington and make a difference

Since 2017,’s GOLD Halo award-winning partnership with Burlington has raised nearly $9 million, supported nearly 44,000 classrooms, and helped put supplies in the hands of  more than one million students nationwide.

You can help Burlington provide teachers with the classroom supplies they need by rounding up for at checkout. Burlington has more than 860 store locations nationwide where you can donate. Find a store near you.