Skechers Kicks up Commitment to Education as Schools Continue to Face Challenges

For the third consecutive year, Skechers is teaming up with to equip teachers with the supplies their students need to have a successful school year. During the 2022 back-to-school season, Skechers raised more than $78,000 for through their month-long register round up in support of students at high-needs schools. In 2023, Skechers is doubling down with a two-month register round up to help offset economic impacts that continue to affect classrooms nationwide. 

For their biggest back-to-school celebration with yet, Skechers stores are raising funds for classrooms from July 1 through August 31. Skechers invites their customers to round up their in-store purchases to donate to and help address the unique learning requirements of every student. Skechers believes together with their customers they can make a meaningful difference in the education of thousands of K-12 students.

Funds raised this year will help teachers access materials to better support their students with different learning needs and abilities, and create a more inclusive classroom for all students. According to our 2023 Teacher Spending Survey of more than 3,200 teachers nationwide, the need for inclusive and adaptive learning materials is great. Fifty-five percent of teachers told us they need these materials for the upcoming school year. 

Skechers and their Customers Help Teachers Offset Rising School Supply Costs

Mikki, a 4th grade teacher in California, was one of the many teachers who received funding from Skechers last year to purchase school supplies for her classroom. Like most teachers, Mikki spends her own money each year to ensure her students have what they need to learn. 

Teacher spending is increasing dramatically. Teachers like Mikki are spending more out of pocket on school supplies than ever before, in part due to rising inflation. The average teacher spent $860 of their own money on school supplies this past year, 14% (or $110) more than they spent in 2021.

Without additional financial support, it’s nearly impossible for teachers to mitigate their classroom spending and provide their students with the learning materials they need to thrive in school. The average teacher only received a classroom budget of $200 for the 2022/2023 school year, yet the cost of essential school supplies has skyrocketed. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost of pencils increased by 40% and a ream of paper is up nearly 60%.

Skechers and its customers’ support of classrooms nationwide is essential to help teachers equip their students with needed learning tools, without breaking their own bank. Skechers’ increased commitment to funding classrooms across the country is making a big difference for teachers and students at a time when the need is at an all time high.

If you would like to join Skechers in supporting teachers, locate your local store below.