"#SkecherLovesTeachers Skechers raised $78,000+ to help teachers buy classroom supplies"

Skechers & AdoptAClassroom.org Team Up to Help Educators Across the Country

Skechers teamed up with AdoptAClassroom.org for the second consecutive year to help teachers and students start the school year on the right foot. Through their 2022 Register Round-Up program, Skechers and their customers raised more than $78,000 to provide high-needs classrooms nationwide with school supplies so more students have the tools they need to learn and thrive in school.

According to a 2022 AdoptAClassroom.org survey, 80% of teachers said that students’ families are having a harder time paying for school supplies due to rising costs. Teachers are closing the gap by purchasing basic school supplies like pencils, paper, and crayons, spending an average of $750 out-of-pocket each year

Skechers’ donation helped educators provide necessary classroom supplies for their students, without having to spend their own money. By funding classrooms, Skechers’ helped put essential learning tools into the hands of 4,225 students for the 2022/2023 school year.

Elizabeth S., an elementary school teacher in Colorado, received a $500 donation from Skechers. Ninety percent of students at Elizabeth’s school come from families who are below the poverty line. Skechers’ donation helped Elizabeth replace broken school supplies and provide her students with more engaging learning materials that they otherwise would have gone without.

Tana H., an elementary teacher in Indiana, also received a $500 donation from Skechers, allowing her to put classroom materials directly into the hands of all her students. 

“Over half my students do not bring in all the school supplies they need to learn,” said Tana. “Funding from Skechers ensured that my students had what they needed for daily classroom learning, without calling attention to families that cannot afford all the supplies for the year.”

Skechers’ donation means more teachers have access to the resources they need to do their job, and students have what they need for a higher quality educational experience. Since 2021, Skechers has raised more than $113,000 for classrooms through AdoptAClassroom.org, benefitting more than 7,800 students nationwide.