2022 Spotlight Fund Impact Update

Thank you to the many AdoptAClassroom.org supporters who powered the Spotlight Funds in 2022. You helped us reach 6,175 students with grant funding to advance equity in education.  

What are Spotlight Funds

AdoptAClassroom.org’s Spotlight Funds are a unique branch of our programming that target specific areas of need in the classroom. Spotlight Funds prioritize funding for high-need classrooms to get materials where they are needed most.

Each fund supports a specific subject area, or addresses a pressing need facing K-12 educators and students. 

We currently have seven Spotlight Funds: Arts, Inclusive Classroom, Indigenous Language, Natural Disaster Relief, Racial Equity in Schools, Social-Emotional Wellness, and STEM.

Teacher Leader Program Launch

We believe that teachers are experts and should have the agency to make creative, thoughtful decisions in the classroom. We honor their commitment, creativity, and collaboration in launching the AdoptAClassroom.org Teacher Leader Program. 

We also know that teachers are always honing their craft, and formal professional development can be prohibitively expensive.

The Teacher Leader program highlights exceptional teachers who are invited to share their expertise. The resources they create are accessible to AdoptAClassroom.org teachers for free. This program is designed to leverage our nationwide community and empower other educators to implement new ideas and best practices in the classroom.

For Teachers and Schools

AdoptAClassroom.org offers Spotlight Fund Grants for educators several times each year. When a Spotlight Fund Grant opportunity is available, we often issue a Request for Proposal, inviting K-12 educators from public, private, and charter schools to apply. Educators are asked to tell us how they will use the funds to support their curriculum, and what the benefit will be to their students.

Grant opportunities and application deadlines are announced via email. Sign up for our e-newsletter to stay informed about Spotlight Fund Grant opportunities by registering your classroom or school here

Our 2022 Impact

Thank you for generously supporting AdoptAClassroom.org Spotlight Funds. In 2022, we reached over 6,175 students with Spotlight Fund grants.

Read on to hear from a selection of teachers we supported together.

Arts Fund

“Thanks so much for your generosity. This grant will afford materials that my students desperately need. Some supplies that we need are art supplies, paper, pencils, pens, books, and other educational resources. Students will learn better, achieve better, and perhaps eventually level the playing field. The staff, students and families greatly appreciate you.”

—Sahar S., Elementary School Special Education Teacher in New York City, NY

Racial Equity in Schools Fund

“You have no idea what a difference this donation will make for my students. I plan to buy diverse toys and books, focusing on social-emotional, sensory, and dramatic play. I want my students to feel like they see themselves in all things in my classroom, and to be represented in the toys and games that they play with. I believe this will improve my students’ social-emotional skills, and thus our classroom climate and academics will improve.”

—Amy T., Kindergarten Teacher in Ham Lake, MN

Inclusive Classroom Fund

“Since COVID-19 decreased social interactions for a significant amount of time, my students who already struggled with social skills were unable to practice interacting with others. I used the grant to purchase several social language teaching materials for students who are enrolled in speech therapy. These products include social conversation starters, board games and puzzles that address social skills. I cannot thank you enough for donating to my classroom.”

—Lori J., Elementary School Speech-Language Pathologist in Norman, Oklahoma


“With this donation, I was able to purchase four Surf seats, six seat floor cushions, and two yoga balls. Having flexible seating in my classroom has gotten my students excited to work in partners and groups. These donations couldn’t have come at a better time as my students needed materials to help keep them engaged in the classroom. Student engagement has soared in both reading and math. I can’t thank you enough for supporting my students’ learning.”

—Vasti C., 2nd Grade Teacher in Stickney, Illinois

High-Need Classroom Fund

“Without this donation I would not be able to give my students snacks every day. Many of my students’ families don’t have money for food, so what they eat at school is all of the food they get. If you could see these sweet faces and how excited they get to have snacks every day you would know that every penny you donated was worth it.”

—Tarra W., 3rd Grade Teacher in Casper, Wyoming

COVID-19 Relief Fund

“Thank you so much for this wonderful surprise! I look forward to purchasing science, math and phonics items for my classroom. This donation is so important because I can purchase math manipulatives and items for our class science table. Kids love being able to explore, and with COVID-19 teachers had to think quickly to find a safe way for kids to explore and engage in learning. Thank you so much for your support.”

—Karla C., 1st Grade Teacher in Northridge, California

If you would like to support classrooms through one of our Spotlight Funds, find them below: