"Stickers on Notebook reading 'Adopt A Classroom Week'"

$10,000 AdoptAClassroom Week Classroom Donation Match August 22-23 

**The donation match is over! Thank you to everyone who participated in supporting teachers for back to school.**

To help teachers get the school supplies they need to support their students this back-to-school season, AdoptAClassroom.org is launching our second annual AdoptAClassroom Week on August 22–26, 2022. We’re kicking off AdoptAClassroom Week with a $10,000 classroom donation match for PreK-12 teachers!

On August 22–23, we’re doubling donations made to PreK-12 classroom pages on AdoptAClassroom.org, up to $50*. Matching begins at 7am CT on Monday, August 22, 2022, and ends on Tuesday, August 23, 2022 at 5pm CT or when we reach our $10,000 limit. 

If you’re a teacher registered on AdoptAClassroom.org, start sharing your classroom page when our match begins. Not registered on AdoptAClassroom.org? Create a classroom page before we start matching donations.

While you’re editing your classroom page for the new school year, make sure you enter our #BackToSchool2022 classroom giveaway! Our donation match is only one of our funding opportunities during AdoptAClassroom Week.

Guidelines to Qualify for Our Donation Match

*Matching begins at 7am CT on Monday, 8/22/2022 and ends at 5pm CT on Tuesday, 8/23/2022 or when we hit our goal of matching $10,000 in classroom donations. Donors will be notified via email by 5pm CT on 8/24/2022 if their donation earned a match. We will update this blog page when the matching funds run out.

Donations must be processed on 8/23 as part of the first $10,000 in matched teacher donations. Mailed checks and pledges are not eligible for a match. Matching donations will be disbursed within a week to your AdoptAClassroom.org account.

In case of monthly donations, AdoptAClassroom.org will match the first donation on 8/22/22 or 8/23/22, up to $50, but not the following monthly gifts. To support as many classrooms as possible:

  • If a teacher donates to their own page, the donation is not eligible for a match
  • Unique donations will be matched up to a maximum of $50 until we reach our overall goal of $10,000
  • If an individual makes 1+ donation(s) to different teachers, all donations will be matched
  • If an individual makes 1+ donation(s) to the same teacher, only one donation will be matched
  • If a teacher receives 1+ donation(s) from different donors, all donations will be matched
  • If a donation is made on any website other than AdoptAClassroom.org, the donation is not eligible for a match