StuDocu Energizes STEM Education

As students are re-entering the classroom after learning remotely this past year, they will not be able to share classroom supplies due to COVID-19 restrictions. For subject areas such as  STEM, this puts important classroom materials and tools in short supply. 

EdTech scale-up StuDocu is partnering with to support STEM educators and make sure their classrooms have the resources they need when students return to the classroom this fall. StuDocu donated $5,000 to Edison High School in Philadelphia, PA to help fund STEM programs in the school. The donation will go towards the school’s fabrication lab, a work space where students can use computer-powered tools to create new inventions. Ultimately, StuDocu’s support will help prepare students for their future with real-world experience.

“On behalf of Edison High School, I would like to thank StuDocu and for their partnership and supporting our school with this significant donation,” said Edison High School Principal Ortiz. “We look forward to utilizing these funds and to maximize the benefit to our students and school community.”

“PreK-12 educators have an immense responsibility to engage and connect with students. That responsibility has become even more important during the past year as educators have been challenged to keep students connected and engaged in learning,” said Marnix Broer, co-founder and CEO of StuDocu. “PreK-12 schools are the cornerstone to a healthy and productive community. Providing funds to support programs that help students engage and prepare for the future ensures that K-12 schools are successful in their mission of educating future generations. We’re grateful to be able to assist and Edison High School.” 

StuDocu’s mission is to empower everyone to excel in their studies by providing the best tools to students who want to study more efficiently. The EdTech platform was founded in 2013 by four students to exchange study documents with each other and together strive for better grades. Since then, millions of study documents have been shared by students and are accessible to everyone in the world. Currently, 15 million students around the globe are using StuDocu to access high-quality materials every month.

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If you are a school administrator or teacher in need of funds, please register your school here or classroom here. Check out innovative STEM lesson plans from real teachers here.