7 STEM Lesson Plans For #TeachingSTEM2020

Careers in STEM are on the rise. To prepare their students for future jobs, teachers are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting STEM lesson plans that they can bring to their classrooms.

During our recent #TeachingSTEM2020 Twitter Party, we asked educators on Twitter to share their classroom STEM activities to help generate ideas for their community of teachers. Hundreds of educators joined us to ask questions about utilizing STEM and to share their innovative and fun ideas.

Here are seven affordable STEM lesson plans that you can implement in your classroom today.

1. Collect water to learn how to find and read pH levels

2. Use index cards to design infrastructure

3. Create circuits using inexpensive supplies

4. See physics in action with a paper roller coaster

5. Learn robotics with PVC pipes

6. Show that STEM and the arts can go hand in hand

7. Research STEM topics when supplies are low

Do you need funding to bring STEM initiatives to your classroom?

Apply for a $1,000 STEM Grant

Now through February 15, 2020, K-12 public, private, or charter school teachers can apply for a $1,000 STEM classroom grant on AdoptAClassroom.org. We are looking for innovative teachers who want to make an investment in their students and create a big impact.

AdoptAClassroom.org will evaluate each application individually and award grants by March 15, 2020. We will fund as many classrooms at $1,000 as we can. Some teachers may receive a higher donation depending on their application.

Learn more about our STEM grant and see if you qualify here. For other funding opportunities, check out this section of the blog.