Why Teachers Crowdfund on AdoptAClassroom.org

At AdoptAClassroom.org, we are committed to providing educators with what they need to support their students. We offer the most flexible classroom fundraising platform, which is why thousands of teachers across the nation choose AdoptAClassroom.org.

Our classroom fundraising platform is 100% free for teachers

  • Every donation a teacher receives online is immediately available in their AdoptAClassroom.org account. 
  • Teachers receive 100% of each donation; AdoptAClassroom.org does not take any fees from donations made to teachers. 

No specific fundraising goals or timelines. 

  • The funds teachers raise on our classroom fundraising platform are theirs to use immediately, whether it’s $25 or $2,500, so teachers can order what they need, when they need it. 
  • Teachers do not need to set a fundraising goal, or meet any goals within a specified timeline.
  • Teachers can choose to spend their donation(s) immediately, or wait until later. Teachers have one full year from the date of each donation to spend it. For more information on this policy see our terms of use.

“Other classroom crowdfunding platforms are not flexible enough. I like that AdoptAClassroom.org doesn’t make you hit a specific goal to use your donations.”

Krystal, Teacher in Riverside, CA

No projects. 

  • We do not ask for project proposals from teachers when they crowdfund on AdoptAClasroom.org.  
  • We do not require teachers to spend their funds on a predetermined project. 
  • Teachers always have the freedom to choose how to spend their funds on what they need for their classrooms, from basic supplies and furniture to technology and books. See our full list of vendors.

Most teachers are eligible. 

  • We know almost all teachers can use extra support. That’s why all licensed K-12 teachers at accredited public, private, or charter schools within the U.S. States and Territories are eligible to use AdoptAClassroom.org’s classroom fundraising platform. 

“I was researching alternative ways to raise money for my classroom when I came across AdoptAClassroom.org. Because I’m a private school teacher, I’m limited in what platforms I can use to raise needed funds for my classroom. That’s one of the reasons I chose AdoptAClassroom.org.” 

Scott, Teacher in Walpole, MA

Monthly giving.

  • Donors can sign up to make a monthly contribution to their favorite teacher(s) on AdoptAClassroom.org. This saves everyone time, and helps ensure teachers have funds they can count on.
  • When donors give monthly, they often donate more over time. That helps teachers access even more of the resources their students need.

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