We connect donors to teachers and schools through grants, sponsorships, and crowdfunding tools. As a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we provide the most flexible and accountable funding for teachers and schools through our proprietary, easy-to-use fundraising platform.

“AdoptAClassroom.org does not have hoops to jump through, hidden fees, or alternative motives. It is an avenue of support with no strings attached that truly wants to help.” – Anonymous Teacher, 2019 Teacher Satisfaction Survey

How AdoptAClassroom.org Works for Teachers

  1. Register to create a classroom profile page to share your story and classroom needs.
  2. We automatically create your AdoptAClassroom.org online account. Only you have access to that account.
  3. There are three ways to receive funds for classroom supplies through AdoptAClassroom.org:
    • Crowdfunding: Share your fundraising page with your personal network, school community, and local businesses through email, social media, or downloadable flyers on our website. Donors from across the country search for classrooms to fund, and they are most likely to donate to classroom pages that have a clear and compelling classroom description, with photos. Donations are made directly to your AdoptAClassroom.org online account, and 100% of the donation goes to you to use for your classroom. Looking for crowdfunding tips? Visit our blog.
    • Funds from our Corporate Sponsors and Foundations: National corporate sponsors contribute to AdoptAClassroom.org and ask us to “match” them with teachers that match their geographic, subject area, or other criteria. Teachers with strong classroom profile pages on our site, and who have been active in trying to raise funds on their own, have the best chance of being selected for these corporate sponsor grants.
    • Apply for a Spotlight Fund Grant: Several times each year you will receive an email alerting you to a grant opportunity and request for proposal. Our Spotlight Funds support High-Needs, Art, STEM, Inclusive Classrooms, and Disaster Relief. The best way to hear about these opportunities is to register your classroom here.
  4. When you receive a donation from any of these sources we alert you by email. When you login you will be prompted to send a thank you email to your donor.
  5. You do not need to reach your goal to spend your funds. Start shopping through our online marketplace of nearly 30 educational and school supply vendors. Spend your funds on what YOU need and want for your classroom. You are not limited to the items mentioned in your profile page.
  6. All purchases are shipped directly to your school, to your attention. The school listed on your classroom page when an order is placed will be deemed to be the owner of any materials donated through AdoptAClassroom.org.  
  7. Donors receive an email that lists everything you purchased. Schools and districts may also request a full list of items ordered, listed by teacher.
  8. You have one calendar year to spend each donation. After that, your donation will “expire” and will be reallocated to other teachers or to support AdoptAClassroom.org’s programs. The reason for this is 1) to provide our teachers with the flexibility they deserve to spend their funds over the course of a school year, and 2) to give our donors and sponsors the assurance they deserve that their donated funds will be put to use within a reasonable period of time.

Get started by registering your classroom here.

Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or visit our blog for the latest on the Teacher Program.

If you’re looking for ways to fund your classroom, check out our Crowdfunding Tips or Funding Opportunities sections on the blog. 

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