powers today’s classrooms to prepare tomorrow’s graduates. We offer the most flexible and accountable funding for teachers and schools through our proprietary, easy-to-use fundraising platform. Since 1998, our generous donors have adopted more than 200,000 classrooms across the nation.

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Why Fundraise

Benefits of

  1. We’re free to use. 100% of the online donations you receive are immediately credited to your account to spend in the marketplace.
  2. We’re a nonprofit. All donations are tax-deductible. We believe every child should have equal access to the tools they deserve to be successful in school.
  3. No risks. You can spend your donations anytime. You do not need to wait until you meet your specific fundraising goal.
  4. Flexible spending. Being a teacher is unpredictable, so why should your spending be limited? If your needs change after you raise funds, you can order what you need, no questions asked. See our full list of vendors here.
  5. Monthly giving for ongoing support. Your donors can make a monthly contribution so everyone saves time and you always have funds you can count on.


  • All U.S. States and Territories
  • Licensed K-12 teachers or certified staff members
  • Accredited Private, Public or Charter Schools
  • Prekindergarten classrooms are permitted, but only if they are based in an accredited K-12 school

Read more details about eligibility in our Terms of Use.

If you are a school administrator, please read more about our
School Program here.

Setting Goals

Teacher Tips for Success

1. Create a Strong Classroom Page

Include a realistic/ambitious goal, photos (tips here), and specific reasons why you need funding. Check out our Fundraising 101 guide to get started here.

2. Make Your Classroom Page Public

If crowdfunding is permitted at your school, be sure to make your classroom page public-facing so donors can find you. Tips here.

3. Log In Each Month

We strongly recommend logging into your account each month and making regular updates to your classroom page. If you have not logged in for three months, we may consider your page inactive and you could miss out on sponsorship funding or monthly gifts. You can login and reactivate your classroom fundraising page at any time.

4. Read our Fundraising Resources

We have several ways you can boost fundraising for your classroom:

Fundraising 101

  • A short and sweet guide just for teachers about how to create a classroom page, find donors, tell your story, and more. Read it here.

Fundraising Toolkit on the Teacher Dashboard

  • Login to to access an email template, donation form, and social media posts you can use to promote your classroom page to family and friends.

Crowdfunding Tips on our Blog

Other Funding Opportunities is not just a crowdfunding platform. We are a national nonprofit dedicated to equity in education. Our donors and corporate sponsors work with us to provide funding for teachers with donation matches or grants.

Check out the Funding Opportunities section on our blog for current programs.

Sponsorship Programs for Teachers

  • National corporate sponsors contribute to and ask us to “match” them with teachers that fit their criteria, such as location, subject area, or Title 1 status. Teachers who log in monthly and have strong classroom profile pages have the best chance of being selected.

Sweepstakes and Giveaways

  • Enter your classroom or school for funding on for free school supplies. Register below and you’ll receive our monthly newsletter with details when opportunities are available.

Spotlight Funds

  • Several times each year, teachers can apply for classroom funding with our Spotlight Funds in the areas of High-Needs, STEAM, Inclusive Classrooms, Disaster Relief, and more. It’s quick and easy! Register your classroom below to receive our monthly newsletter with news when funding becomes available.


What Teachers Are Saying:

On average, teachers spend $740 a year out-of-pocket on classroom supplies. Here are some messages from teachers about why they go the extra mile to support their classroom, and how helps.

“More resources mean more opportunity for my students. They are limited in a lot of ways. But when they come into my classroom I want them to be able to feel limitless. I want them to be able to show who they are and what they can do, and with more supplies, they can do that. They’re not limited. They’re limitless.”
– Becca, Art Teacher

“It was so helpful to have during my first year of teaching. Now I won’t need to get these things next year because I have them already.”
– Korto, Special Education Teacher

“I received donations from people all throughout the country that gave me my own voice in what types of products I wanted to bring into my classroom. Without the generous donations from donors to, there is absolutely no way I’d be able to make this classroom what it is today.”
– Mark, Social Studies Teacher

“ does not have hoops to jump through, hidden fees, or alternative motives. It is an avenue of support with no strings attached that truly wants to help.”
– Anonymous Teacher, 2019 Teacher Satisfaction Survey

Teachers are our heroes!

We are so glad you’re taking the next step with us to help your students access the supplies they deserve to be successful in school.

Get started today by registering here.

Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or visit our blog for the latest on the Teacher Program. You can also contact us at [email protected].

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