How to create and fund a makerspace

How To Create and Fund a Makerspace

Educators today are preparing students to tackle the unknown challenges tomorrow. As a result, many schools have developed a Makerspace to allow students to get hands-on experiences and experiment in a variety of ways. funds have helped educators create or enhance Makerspaces for their students for years in unique and impactful ways.

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What is a Makerspace?

Makerspaces allow students to work together to build, create, dream, engineer, design, and program. Most Makerspaces have a focus on STEAM activities (science, technology, math, art, and science). Some classrooms have makerspaces, while some schools have entire rooms dedicated to their makerspace. The materials vary as well. From iPads to popsicle sticks, the goal is the same: give students time to “make!”

Activities could include:

  • Working with cardboard or paper
  • Coding games
  • Robotics
  • Sewing
  • Electronics
  • 3D Printing

How Does It Benefit Students?

Often, the primary benefit listed is self-directed learning. For students who learn best by doing, it gives them the opportunity to get out of their seats and tinker around. For others, these spaces allow them to collaborate socially in new ways. No matter how you wish to build your Makerspace, offers flexible funding that you can direct towards benefitting your students. This allows you and your students to get creative and imagine new possibilities.

“When I began creating Makerspaces I never dreamed it would ignite such a passion in my students. It positively impacted every classroom and grade level at our school. I used grant money to purchase a variety of STEAM Makerspace items for my students including coding games, an iPad and cover, a laminator for students to protect their creative projects, and flexible seating so they can move and collaborate. 400 elementary-age children now have the opportunity to build, create, engineer, collaborate, and dream in our library’s Makerspace. These students are being inspired to learn in all subject areas and are equipped for tomorrow’s dynamic, technology-filled workforce.”
– Krista, Elementary School Librarian

Here are some thank you notes directly from Krista’s students:

You can learn more about the Maker movement and the benefits for classrooms here.

How Can I Fund a Makerspace?

If you have big dreams for a Makerspace in your classroom but your budget is falling short, can help. Start by learning more about registering your classroom. Principals can learn more about our school program here. Look for grant opportunities, like our $1,000 STEM Classroom Grant, here.