Together we supported 210,000 students this school year.

Thank you for supporting education with us this school year! Together, we’ve helped more than 8,400 classrooms so students in need across the country have access to the supplies they deserve.

We surveyed teachers in 2018 and found that 96% spend their own money on basic supplies for their classrooms. This adds up to an average of $740 a year per teacher. Your generosity lessens this financial strain and helps teachers get back to what they’re meant to do: teach.

We wanted to share a few highlights from the excited teachers and students you supported:

Restoring Normalcy to School Hit by Hurricane Florence

Sally teaches in one of the many North Carolina communities struck by Hurricane Florence last year. Her school was closed for six weeks.  Sally explained what it was like for her students upon their return to the school. “Many of my students were displaced, had lost everything, and had lost a lot of their joy.  This was heartbreaking.”

The funding Sally received helped restore a sense of normalcy, and even fun, to the classroom. She purchased STEM kits that the students used to build circuit boards. Students used the boards to play a digital piano or control a video game character.

Bringing Ceramics to Students

Christy teaches at Takoda Prep. Her school doesn’t have space or resources to offer clay work to students. Your gifts powered a partnership with a local ceramics studio so her students could throw clay pots and sculpt clay animals, like the cute turtle below!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Finally, Paulette’s middle school students wanted to say thank you all the way from Sunrise, Florida!

Thank you to everyone who gave students across the country the gift of a good education.

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