How Companies Transform Classrooms

Alerus Mortgage Helps Minnesota Teachers Make the Impossible, Possible

Today public and private partnerships are more important than ever. Businesses of every size are stepping up and pitching in to ensure their communities are both safe and flourishing places for their employees and customers to work, live and raise their families. Everybody wins, it’s good for the community and it’s good for business.
At our business partners are making a difference in K-12 schools in their hometowns and across the country. Alerus Mortgage is a great example. This year Alerus Mortgage adopted teachers throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area who are new to the profession. They wanted to make sure teachers just starting out had the discretionary funds needed to equip their classrooms with the supplies their students deserve to succeed.
Angie, a second grade teacher in Taylors Falls, MN, was one of the teachers adopted by Alerus Mortgage. As a teacher preparing for her first year at a new school, Angie had to purchase many items, including furniture and curriculum materials to equip her classroom for the year. She said, “Starting at a new school is overwhelming with how much money it costs to set up an inviting and safe place for my students to enjoy. With help from Alerus Mortgage, I was able to make the impossible, possible!”
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