Americans care most about education. They say companies should too!

Education has long been one of the social issues that Americans care most about and want to support. Now, it tops the list. According to a 2018 report released by Catalist, one of the leading cause marketing agencies, education is the number one social issue Americans support and feel is most relevant to their lives. And, it ranks as the number one social issue Americans want companies to support.
Why is this important? As the Catalist report notes, “71% of Americans feel companies should demonstrate their purpose by connecting to consumers emotionally through the issues they care about.” In other words, the majority of Americans want to see companies support the social issues they care about, education being number one.
The strong support for education is not just talk, it’s evident in Americans’ charitable giving behavior. According to charitable giving statistics published by the Giving USA Foundation, giving to education charities was up 6.2% in 2017. In fact, donations to education charities totaled $58.9 billion, which accounted for 14% of all charitable donations in 2017.
Charity Navigator,  the largest and most-utilized charity evaluator in America, provides a helpful summary of the Giving USA Foundation report.
Yet, while education is the preferred social cause to support, our nation’s schools, teachers, and students still need our help, now more than ever. School budgets keep shrinking, and teachers are spending more and more each year to provide the tools and materials their students deserve, so they can be successful in school.
In fact, according to’s 2018 Teacher Spending Survey, teachers spend an average of $740 out-of-pocket each year on classroom supplies. 28% of teachers spend more than $1,000 annually, and teacher spending increased 23% from 2015. helps teachers and principals fill that gap in funding.  We partner with many businesses, big and small, that want to join our efforts. In the end, it’s about making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of our nation’s children.
Why partner with

  • We are a national nonprofit that supports teachers and schools in any community throughout the U.S.
  • Our team is committed to making our partners’ experience seamless and turn-key. We work directly with school districts and administrators to connect your business with high-need schools and classrooms in the communities where your customers and employees live and work.  
  • We understand that every business has a budget, along with specific cause marketing goals and objectives. We work closely with our partners to identify the impact that they want to make, and then recommend and develop programs that can accomplish those goals and fit their budget.
  • You’ll receive impact information and thank-you content from the schools, teachers, and students you support. You can hang these up in your business to share with your employees and customers, and/or share them through your social media channels.
  • We’re transparent and accountable. We can provide comprehensive reporting of every school supply purchased with your donation. You will know your dollars were put to good use.
  • Engage your customers, employees, and vendor partners. Our programs and sponsorship opportunities offer unique ways to involve your stakeholders in your company’s philanthropic activities, including surprise adoption events.
  • Bolster your company’s reputation for doing good. Your business can make a lasting and positive difference in the future lives of many children and their families, some of whom may be your friends, neighbors, and customers.

If your business is interested in learning more or partnering with, contact us at [email protected].
Together, we can make a big difference for teachers and students in need.