#PackYourBag: Let’s Talk About Teacher Social Media Fundraising

Between memes, pet photos, and political arguments, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram might seem like the last places to go to raise money for your classroom. But research shows that donors are increasingly inspired to give by posts on teacher’s social media. Engaging your social network and sharing media with them is the quickest way to get your classroom adopted!

We’ve put together this step-by-step guide to making an engaging and effective teacher social media fundraising post!

Step 1: The Photo

Marketing professionals all agree visual content makes posts more engaging (by up to 37%!). Photos draw people in and make them more invested in your story. Start with a picture of your classroom, or maybe showcase something a student made. It doesn’t have to be a professional shot, just make sure it’s authentic.

For our example, we picked a picture sent in by Krista, a librarian at an elementary school in Georgia:


*Important* If your picture includes students, make sure to get their parents written permission before sharing it online.

Step 2: The Caption

Once you’ve drawn in your audience, you need to have something to say. Share your story, and explain why you need you need their support.

AAC Mockup

Most importantly, remember to ask for a donation and link to your classroom profile.

(Note: We put in a fake link in our example, your link will look different).

Step 3: Post it!

Share your post with the world! Posting on multiple platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is a great way to increase visibility and drive potential donors to your classroom profile. Make multiple posts throughout the year and switch around the photos you use. If you’re feeling particularly creative, share a video of yourself and talk about the materials your classroom needs. Here’s a sample video sent in by Jamie, a teacher from Indiana:


Sharing your story is the most important part of a crowdfunding campaign, and teacher’s social media can play a huge role in getting classrooms funded. Let us know what kind of posts worked best for you in the comments below. For more tips, ideas and examples, check out our Teacher’s Social Media fundraising guide.