Bring Happier Holidays to Your Small Business with AAC

It’s the holiday season, and your small business is likely  looking for an effective way to show appreciation to your employees and customers. If you do it right, you can increase employee engagement, encourage customer loyalty, and do good in your local community–all in one swoop. If you’re interested in making the most of this holiday season for your small business, our guide is exactly what you need.

Why employee engagement and public image matterScreen Shot 2015-10-28 at 2.49.11 PM

If you’re in HR, running a company, or part of an engagement committee, you know intuitively that employee engagement is important. You also already know that employees are engaged when they’re proud of where they work and know they’re contributing to a greater good.

But did you know that researches have quantified that importance? Fully-engaged employees earn their employer 120% of their salary in value. As “millennials” become a greater percentage of the workforce, engagement may become even more important. As pointed out in this open letter , millennials need to feel invested in an authentic company culture:

“Talk to me about how we make a difference, not your ROI report.”

A commitment to something bigger than profit is important to your customers as well. 90% of consumers reported that they would switch to a brand promoting a good cause.

How fits in

infographicAny way you slice it, doing good this holiday season will benefit your company. We at think we’re the perfect partner. Here are three reasons why:

1. We have National Credibility AND Local Reach: 

You want your gift to go through a nonprofit with a four star Charity Navigator ranking and a national reputation (that’s us). But you also want your employees and customers to feel connected to the recipient. On, you can pick a teacher (or teachers) in your neighborhood, in a subject area you’re passionate about, or one with a really great story. Better yet, you can let your employees select the teachers you support.

2. Teachers need your help:

Everyone has a favorite teacher from their school days. Some of your employees probably have school-aged children and have favorite current teachers as well. But did you know that the average teacher spends around $600 a year on supplies, with almost 20% spending over $1000? When you give to a classroom, the teacher will write you a thank you note detailing exactly where your funds went. You can share this with your employees and customers to help them feel even better about their impact.

3. We’ve made it super easy:

So you’re interested in engaging your employees and showing customers your good side this holiday season, but don’t have a lot of bandwidth to pull something off? No problem. That’s why at we’ve put together a guide that makes it easy. We included ideas for events and fundraisers, as well as turnkey communications to show impact internally and externally.

Let’s get started. Download our Guide Today.