I’m having trouble setting up my page. What do I do?
You can read our how to for teachers on our blog. We have even more resources on how to use in the Teacher Tips section of our blog here. We also have a step-by-step guide for school administrators, and a Tips for Schools section on the blog here.

How do I find potential donors?
Check out the blog and our Fundraising Guide for Teachers for helpful tips to improve your classroom page and fundraise. Log in to access your dashboard (teachers here and school admins here), which includes tools and tips to help you reach out to your community about your students’ and/or schools’ needs. Find even more options in the Funding Opportunities section of our blog.

How often should I update my classroom or school program page?
We recommend logging into your account every month, but at a minimum, every 90 days, to keep your page up-to-date. If you do not log in regularly you may not be eligible for funding opportunities, and your page may be deactivated due to inactivity.

When should I thank my donor?
We know you’re busy, but it’s important to donors that you’re active. They want to know their gifts are making a difference in your classroom or school. We recommend thanking your donor as soon as possible, but at least within 30 days of receiving a donation. You do not have to spend your donation when you thank your donor. If you do not thank your donor or log in within 90 days of receiving a donation to your classroom or school, we will consider you inactive and may notify your donor. At that time, they may choose to cancel future monthly donations to your classroom or school.

What is a monthly donation?
Monthly donations allow donors to support your classroom automatically each month. Teachers still have one calendar year to spend each donation after they receive it. Donors may cancel future monthly donations at any time, so be sure to log in and thank them promptly.

Do my funds ever expire?
Teachers and school administrators who receive donations for their classrooms or schools through our website are required to use those donations in a timely manner. Teachers and school administrators have one calendar year from the date of each donation to use those funds for the purchase of supplies. Funds that are not used within this period of time will “expire” and be reallocated to another teacher or school, or to one of’s funds, at the sole discretion of

How do I order items for my classroom or school?
From your Teacher or School Program Dashboard, click “Go to Shop.” You’ll see a list of categories and vendors on the left side of the page. Choose your vendor, choose your items, add them to your cart, and begin the checkout process. You can review, edit, or submit the order using the funds available in your account. Click here for tips on shipping prices.

Do I have to spend all my funds at once?
No, you may shop multiple times throughout the year if you wish.

What if I want to purchase something that costs more than my account balance?
You may pay the difference via credit card during checkout on

How do I return an order?
To return an order, contact the vendor directly using the email or phone number listed in the “Contact A Vendor” tab on the “Help” page. Be sure to let them know you placed your order through and have any packing slip available to reference your order number. Please note that most vendors have their own order number that differs from the order confirmation number you received from; refer to the packing slip of your shipment for the vendor’s order number.

Can I have something sent to my home address?
One of the ways ensures transparency is by only approving shipments to school locations. If you wish to place an order over the summer, please check with your school location, as many schools maintain administrative staff and the ability to receive packages over the summer. Email our Teacher Services team at [email protected] if you need to temporarily change your shipping address for the summer.

What if I can’t find what I need?
On occasion,’s vendors are unable to provide everything a teacher needs for their classroom. In these cases, does allow for the use of funds for those items outside of our vendor network, provided the purchases meet the criteria and guidelines here. To request approval for an out-of-network purchase, complete this form and we will respond within 1-2 business days. Please wait for us to approve your request before making any purchases.

Who owns the materials I order through
Please see our full FAQ regarding our material ownership policy.

Update Account
How do I update my name, address or school affiliation?
Need to update personal information such as the name, address or school listed on your account? Check out our blog post on How To Update Your School & Contact Information With for guidance.

For more tips on how to use, visit our blog.

For questions about the School Program, check out our School Program FAQs.

If you still need help, please contact our support team at [email protected].