Skechers Raises $240,000+ to Support Inclusive Learning

This year, Skechers raised more than ever before for® during their annual register round-up. Thanks to the generosity and support of their customers and employees, they raised more than $240,000 during their two-month campaign. 

The donations raised by Skechers will enable teachers to build more inclusive classrooms to address their students’ diverse learning needs. To support teachers in their efforts, Skechers is donating to our Inclusive Classroom Fund

The Inclusive Classroom Fund provides grants to teachers so they can support the needs of special education students, English language learners, and students who experience one or more forms of social or economic marginalization.

In addition to supporting the Inclusive Classroom Fund, Skechers surprised special education classrooms across the country with a donation of up to $1,000 each. 

Rachel R. is an early intervention teacher in Minnesota who works with young students. She received $1,000 from Skechers for her classroom through

Since she works with students at the earliest stages of their development, Rachel often helps families get the items they need to support their child and uses her own money to purchase extra books, developmental toys, and even diapers for children at her school. 

  • Thanks to Skechers’ support, Rachel’s students will have access to essential classroom materials, including literacy tools, during this crucial period of their education and development. 

Since 2021, Skechers has raised $357,000 for to fund classrooms asking for help. Their support has helped more than 470 teachers and 12,000 students in high-needs classrooms across the U.S.