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2023 #ClearTheList with AdoptAClassroom.org

Returning to the classroom can be stressful for teachers who don’t have what they need. Between lesson planning and getting to know new students, educators should just have the tools required to do their jobs. But they don’t. Last year, teachers spent more out of pocket on school supplies than ever before.

This year can be different. The following educators reached out to ask for help for their classrooms on social media as part of the #ClearTheList trend. Read on to support a classroom in need, or search for a teacher here.

Why should you #ClearTheList with AdoptAClassroom.org?

  • AdoptAClassroom.org is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, so gifts are tax deductible.
  • Donors receive a thank you note from the classrooms they support.
  • Funding is flexible to teachers. They can get what they need, when they need it.
  • 100% of classroom or school gifts go directly to educators to order supplies.
  • Donors get a list of everything classrooms purchased with their gift.
  • Donors can give one-time or monthly.

Please Help #ClearTheList


Greensboro, AL – Myra

I am the assistant principal and the 8th-grade history teacher at Greensboro Middle School. At GMS, we pride ourselves on providing a nurturing and inclusive environment for our diverse student population. Our school comprises 96% minority students, with 221 students receiving free or reduced lunch. We understand the importance of equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their economic backgrounds, and we strive to bridge the gap through various initiatives.

Tuscaloosa, AL – Mrs. Bagby

I want my students to enter my classroom with the necessary tools to be successful. These tools include interactive notebooks, highlighters, glue sticks, pencils, dry erase board, dry erase markers and erasers, college/wide rule paper, clipboards, chart paper, cardstock, task card kit, tool kits for individualized learning, headphones, 1-inch binders, binder dividers, coloring pencils, heavy duty pencil sharpener, document protectors, and laminating sheets.


Anchorage, AK – Ms. Bradley

Thank you so much. My students need basic supplies for our classroom. Thank you for your support!


Buckeye, AZ – Mrs. Anna

I’m a first year teacher, I’ll be teaching 1st grade this year. I’m in need of Calm Down Corner items as well as ELA, Math (money and time) and some STEM items for soft morning starts ❤️ Thank you for any support! 

Bylas, AZ – Miss. Osteen

Thank you, everyone, for allowing me to share my list with all of you. This is my tenth year of teaching special education in a rural area where 100% of my students come from the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. I appreciate whatever help and support I can get for my students who I love and care for.

Scottsdale, AZ – Ms. Shellie

Thanks for the opportunity.

Tucson, AZ – Mrs Harper’s class

I am grateful for this opportunity with AdoptAClassroom.org. I am starting my 23 year teaching and will be teaching a new grade for the very first time. New room, new grade level. Always nice to switch it up when switching grades and rooms. 


Charleston, AR – Mrs. White

This year I am focusing on fundraising for ALL of our elementary students. We need risers to help their voices be heard when their class is presenting their Rise and Shine program to the community. We appreciate your support!


Antioch, CA – Mrs. Scott

Thank you for supporting teachers. I am going into my fifth year teaching high school. This year I am teaching math. 

Inglewood, CA – Ms. Palma

Thank you for supporting teachers! Please consider donating to my kindergarten students. Your help will help us start the new school year without having to worry about having the needed supplies.

Ione, CA – Mrs. Easter

Thank you for providing a space to share. I teach 4th grade in a rural community in Northern California. This is my second year teaching at my school. Last year I learned my fourth graders need additional resources in social emotional education as well as math resources to help them conceptualize more abstract concepts such as fractions and decimals.

Livermore, CA – Mrs. Boyer

Thank you for this opportunity! This will be my 20th year in education and I just recently changed school districts and grade levels after teaching 2nd grade for the past 10 years. I have a new to me empty classroom that I need to make welcoming for all of my incoming 1st graders as well as supply it with lots of grade level appropriate materials for emerging readers. All donations are greatly appreciated! 

Monterey Park, CA – Ms. Hoang

I am teaching TK and I am in need of some furniture to help create a safe, calm and accessible environment for my students. Since it is not a usual classroom where students sit in their own seats, I need more furniture to create centers for my students to enjoy and learn through PLAY. All donations are greatly appreciated and our class thanks you in advance. 

Murrieta, CA – Mrs. Cherie Gruidl

Thank you for supporting teachers! I would like to purchase Scholastic News for the students in my class along with other reading material. In the 21st century, students will need to read and understand digital news, as well as news in print. Students will be able to learn about the world around them. Thank you again!

Oakland, CA – Mrs Hardy

My classroom could use student supplies, writing journals, hands-on centers for literacy and math. 

Pine Valley, CA – Heather Jones

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am a brand new teacher starting off with the bare minimum and a yearly budget of $250.00. I am the photography and yearbook teacher at a low-income high school in a rural area. The camera equipment alone is very expensive, so any help is greatly appreciated!

Poway, CA – Mrs. Bulda

Greetings from Mrs. Bulda’s Busy Bees! We are a family of Kindergarteners with eager minds, diverse needs, and so much potential! We are learning to think, problem solve, and create. Of course we will be learning about reading, writing and math along the way. Our class values kindness, empathy, and communication. With your help we will change the world! 

Rocklin, CA – Mrs. Allen’s Class

Thank you so much for your consideration!! Our kindergarten class would love some read aloud books and basic class and art supplies to start off my second year here at the school!!! Thank you so much 😊 

San Diego, CA – Vickey McDonough

Thank you so much for helping my classroom, I would love to offer more flexible seating for each student in my classroom.

San Francisco, CA – Ms. Tracy Truong

I’m in need of classroom essentials for my 4th graders! Grateful for any donations to support us! Thank you x100! ❤️ 

Ukiah, CA – Maestra Tepale

I would love to help make my afterschool program more engaging and fun! Anything helps. My students and I appreciate any assistance. 

Valley Village, CA – Ms. Sarah

Hi! Please consider donating to my classroom page to help me acquire culturally responsive teaching materials. In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, it is crucial for our students to develop strong cultural competence. By integrating these materials into my curriculum, I can ensure that my students feel valued and represented, fostering a positive self-identity and a sense of belonging in the classroom.

Vista, CA – Ms. Mayer

My class is soon to be full of hard working students. They will have a year full of engagement, learning and growth. I hope to also instill the importance of being organized and how it will help them be more efficient with their time management.

We need items to help our whole classroom organize materials. We need storage drawers, binders, and tabs.

Every little bit helps! Thank you! 


Arvada, CO – Mrs. Bashford

Thanks for supporting teachers. We use white boards nearly all period for math, we could really use some supplies to keep it all fresh!

Aurora, CO – Diva Small

Thank you for your support! I teach 3rd grade in Colorado! My classroom needs basic supplies like markers and colored pencils but also science specific supplies such as marbles, and balloons for our force and motion unit and potting soil, seeds and pots for our life cycle unit. Any help is greatly appreciated! 

Colorado Springs, CO – Mrs. Magdalene Hutto

This is my first year teaching, I have been working as a paraprofessional and teaching assistant for the last 8 years while I went to school. Thank you all for your help in getting my classroom started, as I have nothing for my classroom yet.

Milliken, CO – Mrs. Malwitz

Thank you for all the help you give teachers! I will be teaching 2nd grade this year after teaching Kindergarten for 7 years.

Pueblo, CO – Ms. Rivera

Thanks for the opportunity! I teach second grade in Colorado ⛰️ I would love to get art supplies to help my students explore the arts. We unfortunately do not have art as an elective so I will be incorporating into my teaching🤍


New Britain, CT – Mrs. Corey’s Kindergarten

My students are always in need of fun, new learning materials. Magna-Tiles and Pattern Block Puzzles would be a great edition to our Purposeful Play Centers. Thank you so much!!!

West Haven, CT – Mrs. Gregoriades (Mrs. G)

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I work in a low income school district and am paying off my own student loans while putting my first born through College. As they say it takes a village and I would love any help to be able to have hands on learning supplies and support for my incoming Kinders success!


Newark, DE – Ms. Talia

Thank you so much for your consideration! I teach Deaf students who have not had consistent access to language. Hands-on materials make lessons come alive for them!


Alachua, FL – Ms. Bellamy

As a Resource Teacher with multiple classes a day, I am always in need of bulk cleaning supplies, ink for a printer that broke last year, a new printer that prints in color, better book stops and better inclusive signage. I also look over Summer Garage sales to find new stations to go along with Books that I READ!! 📖 📚

Coconut Creek, FL – Mrs. Barros

Thank you so much! I appreciate the help as my personal printer died out and I need to print materials for the beginning of the year. ❤️

Daytona Beach, FL – Ms. Greer’s Kindergarten

Thank you for looking! My students need all the love and encouragement! We appreciate your help❤️❤️

Enterprise, FL – Mrs. Y. Vega

I’m a VPK teacher wanting to give my little ones all they need to succeed and enjoy this upcoming year. It would be an honor if you can make this dream come true. Thanks so much for all you do for teachers!

Flagler Beach, FL – Ms. Clark

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I will be teaching kindergarten this coming year. My classroom would greatly benefit from some engaging and fun materials to help us become writers!

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Rosa Zapata

Veteran teacher changing grades and looking to create an amazing Kindergarten class for my Title 1 students.

Kissimmee, FL – Ms. Blalock

I am a kindergarten teacher. I am working to build up a library with shelves and organization. I am wanting to get bookshelves, containers, cushions, and color coordinating containers. The containers will help to make sure the students can find their reading levels and group information. I will label the books by level, categories, and authors. I feel it is important to make this happen so the kids feel invited to read and enjoy reading. Thank you for the support.

Kissimmee, FL – Mrs. Schaeffer

Thank you for this opportunity! My classroom needs some items to help it feel more comfortable and inviting so my students are excited to come to school and learn.

Lakeland, FL – Mrs. Roseau

My students and I will appreciate any assistance. Your donation will make a difference. Thank you.

Orlando, FL – Ms. Turley

Thank you for your support. I am a 5th grade teacher in Orlando, FL. I am looking to add more choices to my classroom library to support all levels of readers. I am also trying to start up flexible seating this year. Any help would be a blessing.

Oldsmar, FL – Mrs. Dixon

Thank you so much for a place to share this! I am a third grade teacher from Florida.

Pompano Beach, FL – Ms. Kluft

I’m hoping to be able to provide my preschool students with lots of hands-on materials this year.

Port St Lucie, FL – Ms. Lombardo

Thank you for the opportunity to share! Ready for a brand new year with a new group of super second graders! 

Tampa, FL – Ms. Cranford

Asking and answering questions can be especially difficult for friends with communication issues, which is why I am going to buy AbleNet switches, cardstock, laminating sheets, and velcro (for communication boards). 

West Melbourne, FL – Dona Ogborn

Starting year 20 and I am going to make this the best year ever!

My exceptional students are in grades three through six . They require a modified curriculum, adaptive furniture, adaptive learning materials and sensory tools to be successful in our classroom. Please help me turn my classroom into the room that my students deserve!

We need sensory items in our classroom!

Windermere, FL – Mrs. Cavanaugh

What an amazing opportunity! Although this is my 12th year teaching, it will be my first year teaching Service Learning. The course is meant to teach students how to give back to their community. We will learn about ways to help the environment, give thanks to people in our lives, and spread kindness around campus.


Atlanta, GA – Ms. Scott

Thanks in advance for supporting my fourth grade classroom!

Columbus, GA – Cathy Russell

I work with special needs kids in a general education classroom. We are constantly replenishing supplies and need anything we can get! Thank you for this opportunity … AdoptAClassroom.org is a wonderful resource for ALL teachers!!

Macon, GA – Sheila Burke

A STEM lab always needs new materials. Consumables are not always in the budget.

Rockmart, GA – Ms. Franklin

I will be starting from scratch in my fourth grade classroom this year. I appreciate any help in funding my classroom. 


Berwyn, IL – Ms. Bernal

#clearmylist I will be teaching preschool next year and do not have furniture or a classroom rug. A classroom rug will help the kids be comfortable while sitting on the group and keep them organized by their spot.

Chicago, IL – Mrs. Zaccaria

#ClearTheList I will be teaching 6th-8th grade reading and ELA for the new school year and I could really use some new supplies to meet the needs of my awesome students. In the past, I focused on purchasing materials from wonderful donors for science and art. Now my attention will shift to diversified reading material, various writing supplies, teacher resources, and purposeful charts my students can use as a reference. 

Elgin, IL – Mrs. Turner’s Social Work Supports

What a wonderful opportunity to help educators support their students. As an elementary school social worker my “classroom” includes many or most of our students needing daily social emotional supports inside and outside the classroom. Our needs are for creating safe spaces and providing basic necessities to students and families such as hygiene, household, school supplies for home, sensory and social emotional learning.

Elwood, IL – Mrs. Flaws

Thank you so so much for supporting teachers. This will be my 13th year teaching Kindergarten in Illinois. With all the technology available to students, many kids come into Kindergarten with poor fine motor skills. I would love to get more materials to strengthen their hands for writing and cutting!

Riverton, IL – Mrs. Durham

We are a very low income school with over 50% free/reduced lunches. Students struggle to show up with the needed supplies to learn each and every year. Knowing that I could give each student the supplies they need to be successful in my classroom would be amazing.

Taylorville, IL – Ms. Dana Murray

Last year, I started a crusade to renovate my classroom library. I was able to add several new books to my library, but would love to have new bookshelves to replace the ones I have that are currently over 25 years old. I’d like my class to have a more put together look rather than the mismatched shelves I currently have. If funds allow, I’d also like to add a rug to the area as well.

Washington, IL – Chris Sharp

My students are sixth graders and they are in need of IPads to use for researching topics for reports, speeches, and RTI interventions. We would use the resources daily for vocabulary development and working with words in their context. Many of my students are not able to have internet at home so as much access at school is greatly needed. Nonfiction books for our classroom are greatly needed in addition to Math manipulatives for those hands-on learners!


Evansville, IN – Carrie French

After 7 years of teaching in an alternative middle school special education room, I am transferring to an elementary school 5th grade classroom.

Goshen, IN – Mrs. Newell

I have been teaching for 30 years. I also switched grades this year! Many items at this point need to be replaced for one of two reasons: 1. It is worn out from years of use! 2. Times have changed, and new games and items are needed.

Thank you so much for any help! It is greatly appreciated! I have already spent so much purchasing some new read aloud books and other fun activities for my students at this new grade level!

Indianapolis, IN – Ms. Marj

I’m glad to say that I will be going on my second year of teaching! With the growth that I had last year, I know a little better how I want me and my students to succeed in the classroom. If there is any type of help you can give, it will be much appreciated. I can’t wait to grow as an educator even more this year! 😊

Indianapolis, IN – Ms. Stout

Switching from 3rd to 2nd fter 12 years. I would love to add some Social Emotional Resources and more flexible seating options. Anything helps. Thank you for your support! ❤️

Lafayette, IN – Mrs. St. Martin

Hello! I strive to create a welcoming environment for students where I can provide engaging instruction! But to fulfill those dreams, requires additional funding. Please consider donating to my classroom! 🏫👩‍🏫

Merrillville, IN – Tracey Geile

Thank you for helping me and my ESL students with our classroom needs of manipulatives and basic necessities. My families are in a very low socioeconomic area and many are newcomers to this country. Unfortunately, our program doesn’t allow any funds or classroom supplies to be given or shared to our English as a second language program, so I am left to provide everything from a pencil, tissue, books and curriculum for them!

Walton, IN – Mrs. Bault

I teach an elementary life skills classroom in Indiana. My students need hands-on materials to help them learn everyday skills. My learners need non-traditional supplies to match their non-traditional learning styles! Thanks so much for your help in making sure every child succeeds!


Waipahu, HI – Mrs. Park

Aloha! I am a STEM teacher for all K-6 students in a Title I school. Hawaii is a beautiful place with students who have beautiful hearts, but supplies are also extremely expensive here. I am my school’s first STEM teacher and this will be my first year teaching STEM in a classroom, so any support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Ames, IA – Mrs. Prochaska

Our classroom needs writing supplies like markers, pens, and folders as well as healthy snacks to keep us learning all day long! Extra pants and Undies for our classroom bathroom are needed every year as well! Thank you! 

Fort Dodge, IA – Mrs. Roethler

I am a 7th year teacher at a smaller private school in Iowa. While being at a smaller Lutheran school the pay is substantially less than the Public School. I have tons of resources that I need in order to keep my student engaged! I have already spent over $300 this summer.

Mason City, IA – Mrs. Zweibohmer

I’m looking for a way to keep my active second graders focused while working on daily projects! We would love some alternative seating–wobble chairs–in our classroom! 


Baton Rouge, LA – Ms Spriggs

I work at an inner city school where most of my exceptional students don’t have the materials they need to thrive in the classroom environment. Through AdoptAClassroom.org, I am hoping to be able to provide my students with the supplies they need to thrive in the classroom academically.

Thank you so much! I’m so grateful!!

Prairieville, LA – Samantha Romeo

Hi, I am a special education teacher in Louisiana. I am wanting to create a reading/calm down center with some chairs or cushions for my students. I want to give my students a safe and comfortable place for them to calm down and get out their emotions so they can come back and work with their classmates. I am also in need of basic supplies like expo markers and pencils.

Thibodaux, LA – Mrs. Vanessa

Thank you so much for supporting teachers. I am going into year 21 of teaching students with special needs in grades 4 and 5. I love watching my students grow academically and with essential life skills. I learn something new every day when working with them. I am making my class more comfortable with flexible seating and calmer with sensory items to help my student succeed. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


South Paris, ME – Ms T’s Class

I am in my second year teaching first grade 6th year of teaching. I am finding that I go through so many pencils, paper and headphones in my class. I will be purchasing these items and a few more consumables as my district provides a very small amount of money for classroom supplies.


Easton, MD – Mrs. Angel Wright

I am a first year teacher in a new county. I’m teaching second grade.

Lanham, MD – Donna Gregg

My classroom is 60 % English is Second Language and 80 % free and reduced lunch. We are also a title I school. The basic school supplies are always a need with some students not being able to bring in supplies. I would like to include more Computer Science and robotics in my classroom. 

Lavale, MD – Mrs. King

I am a special education teacher in the rural part of Maryland. I teach students in grades K-5 and this will be my 22nd year of teaching. My students need adaptive materials such as seating, pencil grips, adaptive scissors, etc. to help them be successful in the classroom. While we receive money for general supplies we do not receive funding for the additional supports that would greatly help our students achieve more in the general education classrooms. Any donation will be put towards adaptive materials for my students in my classroom and my students in the inclusion classrooms to help them succeed. 

Odenton, MD – Mr. D. Pannell

My class could use any donations to help make our portable classroom feel safe and welcoming. We also will use donations for STEM materials and basic school supplies so we can have a fun year together.

Owings Mills, MD – Mrs. Burns

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I will be getting my 1st classroom ready. If you decide to donate to any classroom for the upcoming school year, just know us teachers appreciate it more than anything! If you choose to donate to mine, know that it means the absolute world to me!

Salisbury, MD – Mrs. Ashley

My name is Ashley and this is my 2nd year teaching preschool 🩷 I’m hoping to provides tables and additional teaching resources to my students this year as we currently do not receive funding because we are a private school in a low income area. Tables and shelving that is kid accessible is super important to me and the need of my class so that the children can access the materials they need when they need them. I hope you’ll consider helping me make it possible ♥️


Everett, MA – Mrs. Beagan

Thank you for your consideration in supporting my classroom! I teach middle school life skills (intellectual disability, Down’s syndrome and autism). In an urban, low income district. My students’ needs vary so much and any help meeting them is greatly appreciated.

Lowell, MA – Ms. Murphy

Thank you for your support on books for our library!

Randolph, MA – Mrs. Fisher’s Science Wizards

Science Wizards need STEM supplies! Thank you so much for considering supporting my Kindergarten to 5th grade classroom any and all donations help to buy materials to increase science engagement! #ClearTheList

Weymouth, MA – Ms. Wray

This is amazing!! I’m a second year teacher, looking to purchase flexible seating/a new rug for my classroom.

Anything helps my 3rd graders have a better learning environment! Thank you! 💜💜


Byron Center, MI – Mrs. Gies

This will be my 13th year teaching Kindergarten. I love how excited they are about school and about learning. I hope to provide my students with more storage and ways to be independent in the classroom. 

Charlevoix, MI – Amy Baldwin

Donors/Sponsors are so important to schools. If promoting large motor skills is what you’d like to see more of in a preschool classroom, please consider donating to my class. Thank you!

Garden City, MI – Mrs. Joynt

Thank you for helping teachers! I am a 1st / 2nd grade teacher (depending on numbers) and I am in need of some basic school supplies to help my students through this upcoming school year! I am starting my 6th year of teaching in a Title 1 district in Michigan and many of my supplies are picked over or have been heavily used throughout the years. Any donations are so appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration! #ClearTheList

Negaunee, MI – Mrs. Jodi Johnson

Thank you so much for creating a space to support teachers. I love to make learning fun by developing engaging activities and creating a comfortable classroom environment. All donations help me inspire my students to become life-long learners! 

Roseville, MI – Megan Baranski

I’m a middle school special ed teacher in Michigan. I’m switching from ela to math. I will need math manipulatives along with math posters for my room.


Hawley, MN – Mr. Lee

Thank you for the opportunity to share my page. I will be switching districts and positions to math intervention this year. My goal is to help build number sense and deeper understanding of math with my students.

Lakeville, MN – Mrs. Provancha

This will be my 2nd year teaching a 5th grade gifted class. I need newer novels to freshen up our classroom library to keep my students engaged with literacy.

Maple Grove, MN – Mrs. Terlouw

I am trying to build up my resources to help support the increasing number of mental health needs in my school! We have seen a very dramatic increase in trauma cases, and I have to provide my own supplies and resources!

Savage, MN – Mrs. Broveleit

This will be my 2nd year teaching Kindergarten at a private school. My goal is to create more flexible seating options for my students as that seems to be a real need to enhance learning. I currently do not have a rug to host group times on. That would be my first purchase, to create a defined space for us all to gather and learn. I appreciate the consideration for a donation!

Walnut Grove, MN – Mrs. Benson

We are a small school and often our librarian gets pulled to cover within the school building. I want to be able to provide books in my classroom when the library isn’t open.


Mize, MS – Amy

I would be forever grateful for any and all donations. So thankful for programs like this that know and understand what teachers go through trying to get ready for a new school year. Those of us that teach students with disabilities always have more on our lists that gen ed teachers.

Walnut Grove, MS – Mrs. Farrell

Thank you so much for any donations in advance! #clearthelist

My Kindergartners will benefit from much needed supplies and snacks that are purchased with your generous donations! Thank you


O Fallon, MO – Mrs. Courtney

Please consider donating to help me out! Anything is appreciated and will be used to teach my classroom diversity, inclusion and kindness!

Saint Joseph, MO – Mrs B’s Kinders

I appreciate any and all help for my classroom and students. I am in a Title 1 school and students can use all the help we can give them with their learning! Thank you!!


Ronan, MT – Mrs. Moll

Moving to third grade this year. Thank you for your support!

New Hampshire

Manchester, NH – Melissa Beakey

Thank you so much for this opportunity! These donations will allow me to purchase hands-on Science materials for my 1st grade students’ Knowledge block!

New Jersey

Califon, NJ – Mrs. Perticari

Thank you for your continued support of both students and teachers. I am a kindergarten teacher that is looking for flexible seating for my students. My class supports both special ed students as well as gen ed students and I want my classroom to be a safe space where students can learn and grow in an environment that allows them to choose what works best for them. Allowing choices of how and where to sit is one simple way to increase student involvement and focus.

Pemberton, NJ – Mrs. Harris

Thank you for helping make my kindergarten classroom more engaging and creative! My students would love headphones to use with our iPads. I would also use the funds to purchase literacy games and materials.

Paterson, NJ – Mrs. Martin

This will be my second year teaching science to 144 4th graders in a title 1 urban school. Looking to improve the hands-on learning for my students as well as providing them with opportunities to discover through investigations.

New Mexico

Las Cruces, NM – Miss Steward

I am the only 7th grade math teacher at my school. I am starting from scratch in terms of supplies, I don’t have any rulers, protractors, compasses, math manipulatives or really anything that a classroom needs. I really want my students to come into class and feel like they don’t have to worry about whether or not their parents can afford supplies because they are provided for them all ready.

New York

Circleville, NY – Mrs. Hommel

Thank you for the opportunity to share our list of needs for our music classroom! We are in need of manipulatives for centers as a part of our personalized learning program to help teach goal setting, reflection, and ownership of learning. Additionally, we need drums for our Beat the Odds program. This is an evidenced based and trauma informed program that integrates group drumming to focus on core strengths: listening, team building, leadership, expressing feelings, and managing stress/anxiety/anger. Please visit my page to find out more! We appreciate any support you can provide!

Kenmore, NY – Miss Hewson

I am a new teacher and am hoping to build my classroom supplies collection! I hope to have the materials to support my students and their social emotional learning.

Troy, NY – April

Thank you in advance for any donation given. I am currently beginning my 18th year of teaching in a Title 1 school in an urban setting. I am setting up a new classroom this school year so any funds I can raise will definitely be helpful in assisting make my classroom and students’ learning experience amazing.

North Carolina

Charlotte, NC – Ms. Kylie’s class

I’ll be teaching a different grade band in a self contained extensions classroom. This will be my 20th year teaching and I’m ready to see my students ❤️

Pittsboro, NC – Mrs. Kennedy

Hello! I am an elementary school counselor working in a school that opened 3 years ago during the COVID-19 pandemic. I teach classes to all of our 650+ students in grades k-5 every other week. Our student stress, anxiety & struggle with social skills is at an all time high. I am hoping to purchase some additional engaging materials (including a set of multicultural puppets!) to help my students learn the very needed social and emotional skills to thrive. Thank you for supporting teachers and our students! 💚


Cincinnati, OH – Cox’s Young Scholars

#clearthelist This is my second year as a 5th grade teacher and I work at an inner-city school and our focus is to provide students with the best education possible. Your donation will provide flexible seating, Social Emotional Learning and academic achievement. Thank you ❤️

Columbus, OH – Jody Barnes

We’re implementing an innovative schedule this year and my students will need notebooks and supplies to ease the transition. Thank you!!! 


Fort Gibson, OK – Mrs. Dause

Hi! I teach computers and character education for K-5th grade in Oklahoma. Thank you so much for helping our classrooms! ❤

Sulphur, OK – Mrs. B’s 3rd Grade

Thank you for supporting teachers ❤️ I’m a 3rd grade teacher starting my 16th year. I have big ideas for fostering creativity and building community in my classroom this year. Any help is sincerely appreciated! 🥰


Roseburg, OR – Ms. Schnoor

Thank you for the space to share! I will be teaching 3rd grade this year in southern Oregon and would love to get a class subscription to Scholastic News 3. It is a trusted platform that combines engaging articles, interactive features, and real-world connections, igniting curiosity and promoting active learning among young students. All donations are greatly appreciated!


Philadelphia, PA – Ms. Nadya

I teach Middle School Special Education and would love to be able to provide support for my students! Their needs range from needing headphones with microphones for using voice-to-text, to fidgets to pencils and decor to help make our cinderblock classroom to be a place to learn and flourish! 

Stowe, PA – Kristin Rambo

Thank you for the opportunity to share and for supporting classrooms! My 2nd grade classroom could use some books, organizers, and basic supplies like pencils. I’m always trying to build my library with high-interest books at various levels to reach all readers. Organizers will help us keep our supplies within easy reach. We also need pencils, because we go through a lot of them each year. Even though we work on being responsible with our belongings, many disappear. 😆 Any help is greatly appreciated!

Upland, PA – Mrs. DiFurio

Thank you for the space to share! I’m always looking for a way to make things better and more interesting for my students.

South Carolina

Darlington, SC – Ms. Baker

Hi. My high school math students need supplies to create interactive notebooks for their notes and activities. Your gracious donation is much appreciated.

Florence, SC – Jillian Cappola

Thank you for always supporting teachers! I will be teaching multi-levels of 7th grade Math to 125 students. We start July 24th 😳!!! Have a great year!

Florence, SC – Mr. Huggins

Thank you so much for helping to give us a place to share and for supporting teachers! I hope to make my 5th graders year an amazing one providing plenty of ways for them to think and grow. All help is always appreciated!

North Charleston, SC – Amy Hicks

I am a math interventionist who works with elementary students currently working below grade level. I provide intensive math interventions five days a week to help our children succeed in math. 

Sumter, SC – Ms. Tips

Please consider donating to my wonderful students! I thank you in advance.

Taylors, SC – Holly Gosnell

Thank you for helping my students have the necessary school supplies to start the new year off right! Not all of my students can afford to purchase them! Thank you for your support!

Timmonsville, SC – Valerie McElroy

This will be my 26th year teaching. I teach English to Multilingual Learners. I service three schools and need supplies for my three learning areas. I also like having snacks and treats available for my students to enjoy after their lessons. Thank you so much for your support.


Farragut, TN – Melinda Webster

I’m starting my 29th year of teaching, and I would like to get some supplies and items for my students to encourage and motivate them to read. I’m also requesting an area rug for our whole group meeting location. 

Kingsport, TN – Mrs. Woodruff

I am moving from general Ed to special education to teach Pre-k this fall! Thank you so much for checking out my page and helping me to build an engaging learning environment!

La Follette, TN – Mrs. Gibson

I am moving from 5th to 2nd this year, but I am also only a second year teacher! I need quite a few things, most of which I have purchased already, but I have a few things left!

Ooltewah, TN – Emily Feheley

I’m looking to grow my 1st grade classroom library with decodable readers, new literacy and math manipulatives and much more. Thank you for your help! 😊

Shelbyville, TN – Amanda McBride

I teach at an alternative school in TN. Because we are not considered a school but a program, the district does not fund us the same as traditional schools. We provide all supplies, snacks and educational extras normally provided by the districts. We can always use everyday supplies including art type materials for projects.

Tellico Plains, TN – Mrs. Chapman

This is my first full year as a school counselor, I came midway through last year, and I want to be better prepared to serve my students this school year. Thank you so much for any help with donations for my room and the school hygiene closet I am starting this year! 😊


Granbury, TX – Andi

Thank you for your support!

I’m an elementary art teacher and I see every student every week, so we go through a lot of supplies!🎨 Art class is such a rare time for students to relax and create, I hope to provide them with a safe place to use their imaginations. No donation is too small and I want to thank you for helping teachers.❤️

Henderson, TX – Mrs. Caskey’s

I would love to set up an amazing classroom library and writing center for my students. Thank you for considering my class. ❤️

Houston, TX – Garfield Elementary School Library

Our library needs new and diverse books that give all students representation. Our library also needs to grow its makerspace program. Through hands-on practice our students will develop higher level thinking skills. Their strategic thinking will strengthen their problem solving skills.

Houston, TX – Angelica Alexander

I will be teaching 5th grade ELA to amazing bilingual students. I need several basic supplies for my classroom. Thank you so much for your support.

Houston, TX – Mrs. Pearcy

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I have been teaching in the same school for 13 years, but I am moving to a new grade level. My second graders and I appreciate any help we can get!

May, TX – Mrs. Smith

Thank you for supporting teachers! I want to get rid of tables in my classroom and provide a more flexible option for my littles.

McKinney, TX – Ms. Hill

I need to build up my supplies for the upcoming school year and that is why I am creating this page!

Midland, TX – Burnet Elementary Life Skills

Good Day! I am Ms. Huston, a life skills teacher in Midland Texas. I teach at a title one school with very limited resources. At Burnet Elementary our mission is to prepare students for college and career through the development and implementation of six exceptional systems that focus on building a culture of universal achievement which develops social skills and strengthens students’ academic achievement.

Montgomery, TX – Mrs. Moore

My name is Mrs. Moore and I am a 1st grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary School. Many of my students have different needs and learning styles that need to be met in order for them to be successful. I want my students to learn to the best of their ability all while being engaged and having fun learning. My goal as a teacher is to instill a love for learning into all my students!

Richmond, TX – Mrs. Thorpe

I want to provide new and fun ways of instruction. Although students love to use technology, I do not feel that allows them to learn social behaviors well. I enjoy watching them play card games with each other in groups. They get to know others and build bonds that I see grow through the school year and beyond.

San Antonio, TX – Mrs. Reyna-Castillo

Representing Southeast of San Antonio! Help us get new fresh school supplies for the first day of school! #clearthelist

San Antonio, TX – Mrs. Rodriguez

Second year teacher hoping to provide my students a warm and cozy learning environment. Also looking to help them be better organized for a successful school year.

Sullivan City, TX – Mrs. M. L. Reyna

#ClearTheList This will be my 18th year in Kinder as a Bilingual Teacher in a Title I School and would appreciate it if I get a donation for Kinder journals and engaging manipulatives for the centers used during Science, Math, SS, and Language Arts that are used by my Bilingual students. Thank you for your generosity, donors.

Sullivan City, TX – Gabriela Rojas

#clearthelist this will be my 16th year in education, all at the elementary level teaching English Learners. If I get a donation it will go towards chart tablets to create new anchor charts since I will be teaching a new grade level (3rd), composition books for journals, and manipulatives to teach math such as, 3-d shapes, place value, clocks etc! Thank you!


Logan, UT – Professora Ana Soares

All your support and consideration will be deeply appreciated. By helping us get the supplies we need, you are touching and changing the lives of many students who wish and want to build a better world.


Strasburg, VA – Mrs. Britton

I have been inspired by the Elevate Your Classroom conference and want to take my classroom to the next level! I am working on upgrading my sensory experiences along with my dramatic play.

Waynesboro, VA – Miss Britt

I’m a special education teacher at a Title 1 school in Virginia. My learners need some new hands-on materials that will support their learning, as well as items that can be used to support social-emotional learning and behavioral goals!


Spokane Valley, WA – Amy Miller

I would love to be able to get things off my wishlist that will help my students. I love seeing those lightbulbs come on and creating a classroom community. I am a 3rd grade teacher from Spokane, WA. 

Washington D.C.

Washington, DC – Ms. Brown

As a special education teacher I am always in need of supplies. I would love to add more materials to my small group reading and math lessons.


Milwaukee, WI – Mrs. Fernandez Spanish Social Studies class

Thank you so much for your support to all of us teachers. We deeply appreciate any donation to our classrooms.

This will be my second year teaching Spanish Social Studies and I am looking forward to having an inclusive classroom for all my amazing learners.

Racine, WI – Ms. Keeran

My classroom needs materials for my students to be successful like pencils, pens, notebooks, folders, etc. I teach credit deficient seniors in highschool through a program that gives them a last chance to get that diploma!

Two Rivers, WI – Miss B’s second grade class

I would love to add to my flexible seating and STEM area for my 2nd graders!