Burlington Flash Funds 1,000 High-Needs Classrooms, Supporting 25,000 Students

To kick off their seventh annual back-to-school in-store fundraising campaign with AdoptAClassroom.org, Burlington flash funded 1,000 high-needs classrooms nationwide to help equip 25,000 students with the school supplies they deserve. Their support of students for this school year doesn’t stop there.

From July 24 through August 28, each of Burlington’s stores are inviting their customers to donate to AdoptAClassroom.org to fund even more classrooms. You can help by visiting your local Burlington store and donating at checkout today.

How Your Donation Helps Local Students

Nancy is a teacher at a high-needs elementary school in Texas. Nancy sees her students’ parents struggle due to inflation and bad economic circumstances. 

“Unfortunately, my students’ parents are having to work more hours to be able to put food on the table and provide stability for their children,” Nancy said. “Myself and my fellow teachers try to help them as much as we can.”

To help Nancy’s students get everything they need for the new school year, Burlington surprised Nancy with a $500 AdoptAClassroom.org donation for her classroom. Nancy wants her students to know that “they are valuable and that they deserve nice things,”  and Burlington’s generosity will make sure her students know they are cared for.

Join Burlington and Make a Difference

You can help more classrooms feel the joy that Nancy and her students felt when Burlington surprised their classroom. By donating to AdoptAClassroom.org at checkout at your local Burlington store, you help provide students in your community with the classroom supplies they need to learn and succeed in school.

Since 2017, AdoptAClassroom.org’s GOLD Halo award-winning campaign with Burlington has raised $10.6 million, supported 48,000 classrooms, helping more than 1.2 million students nationwide. Make a difference in education with Burlington and AdoptAClassroom.org today.