Now Open: Application for $750 & $1,500 Racial Equity in Schools Grants

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Are you a PreK-12 educator who needs funding to support racial equity in your classroom? 

We have two opportunities from the generous donors of our Racial Equity in Schools Fund donors to help you and your students.

Option 1- $750 Classroom Grant

Answer a few short questions about your school and students. Winners who are selected based on school and classroom need will be invited to apply for a second round.

Option 2- $1,500 Teacher Leader Grant

Do you want to inspire other teachers to support racial equity with an activity from your classroom? Apply to become an Teacher Leader and win a $1,500 grant.

Looking for grant-writing tips and resources? Check out our blog for resources about grant writing or read our Fundraising Guide for more information.

Grant Application Timeline

  • January 30, 2023: Round #1 Classroom Grant Closes
  • February 6, 2023: Accepted Applicants Notified and Invited to Apply for Second Round
  • February 20, 2023: Round #2 Classroom Grant Application Closes and Teacher Leader Grant Closes
  • March 10, 2023: $750 Grants Awarded
  • June 30, 2023: Donor Reports Due from Classroom Grant Recipients


Licensed PreK-12 educators or certified staff members at an accredited K-12 public, private, or charter school in the United States can apply for a classroom grant ($750) or a Teacher Leader ($1,500) grant. Applicants may not apply to both grants.

$750 Classroom Grant

The classroom grant has two rounds. Applicants will submit the first-round application that includes all specified criteria, outlined below. Second-round applicants will be required to answer several additional questions, including how this grant would benefit their students and what they would purchase with the funds. The 15 strongest applications that meet the criteria will be selected for a $750 Racial Equity in Schools classroom grant.

First Round Evaluation Criteria for Classroom Grant will be evaluating first-round applications for the following:

  • School Need: Educator’s school fits’s definition of a high-needs school based on the following:
    • Relatively high number of students receiving free or reduced-price lunch (80% or above)
    • Relatively high number of students with IEPs
    • Relatively high number of English-language learners
    • School location (to ensure disbursement of funds nationwide)
    • Number of students benefiting from the grant
    • or Educator gave a compelling reason why their classroom is in need if their school does not meet this criteria
  • Educator Need and Activity: Educator has not received donation(s) on valued at more than $500 in the previous 12 months and educator has logged into their account recently.

Second Round Classroom Grant Application Information

Educators will be asked to respond to the following questions in writing:

  1. Explain why it is essential for all educators to actively pursue racial equity for their students. Please briefly share how you have seen issues of racism impacting your own students or school.
  2. What specific strategies, methods, or programs do you currently use to be anti-racist in your classroom or school? What measurable (qualitative or quantitative changes) changes have you noticed by adjusting your practices to meet the needs of your students of color?
  3. Describe why you need funding to support your racial equity initiatives or curriculum in your classroom. Tell us something unique and/or specific about your classroom. For example: how the pandemic or other recent events have affected you and your students, the importance of culture and demographics in your school community, or tell a story about an anonymous specific student), a personal struggle or success, or anything else that highlights the uniqueness of your classroom. 
  4. How will this grant help you and your students? Share your vision of how this grant will help you engage your students in their learning and meet their needs, specifically how it promotes racial equity for your students of color. Please highlight a unique idea, project/s, or curriculum that you want to implement.
  5. What would you purchase with this grant? Please be as specific as possible. Applicants are encouraged to research the materials and supplies available for purchase on the Marketplace.

Grading criteria:

  • Educator clearly explains the need for funding to support their racial equity initiatives or curriculum and their unique needs (5 points)
  • Educator articulates a problem that a $750 grant can realistically address and how the grant will make an impactful change in their classroom or for their students (5 points)

$1,500 Teacher Leader Grant

The Teacher Leader grant has one round. Applicants will submit a photo, biography, and their Teacher Leader submission demonstrating highly-effective practices that meet all specified criteria, outlined below. The six strongest applications will be selected for a $1,500 Teacher Leader grant.

Check out these examples from real Teacher Leaders for inspiration:

Evaluation Criteria

The Teacher Leader program invites educators to submit content incorporating teaching best practices and featuring materials purchased with funds. This content may be shared with the wider community.

Submission Requirements

  1. General Information
    • Name
    • School
    • Position
    • Biography
      • Please write a brief (3-4 sentences) biography we can use if we publish your submission
    • Your Photo
      • Please upload a photo of you we can use if we publish your submission. Do not include anyone except yourself in this photo. School photos work great!
      • File Types Accepted: .png, .jpg, .gif, .pdf; max file size 10 MB
  2. Submission Details
    • Note: Submissions may be either a “Tips and Tricks” video or a sample Activity Plan. reserves the right to revise your submission for clarity or communication purposes.
    • Submission Title
    • Brief Description of Submission
      • Please write a 2-3 sentence description of the activity
    • Target Grade Level(s)
    • Target Subject Area(s): (e.g. English Language Arts, Biology, Music)
    • Subject Topic(s): (e.g. Close Reading, Genetics, Chords)
    • Your Teacher Leader Content (submit one of the following):
      • Video
        • Upload a short (no more than 3 minutes) video highlighting materials you purchased with funds and explaining how you use them to engage your students. If you are having trouble uploading your video, please email [email protected]. If you are including a student in this video, they will need this release form signed by a parent or guardian.
          • Format Details: Maximum file size: 2.9GB; file types accepted; .mov, .mp4, .avi, .mkv, .webm
      • Written Activity Plan
        • An action plan for an activity you have done using materials from It should include an explanation of how the activity supports student engagement and learning in racial equity in the classroom, along with a document providing detailed instruction to other educators on how to execute the activity in their classroom. To prepare to fill out the form, applicants can also fill in this template and may submit additional documents as needed. If you are including a student in any materials, they will need this release form signed by a parent or guardian.
        • Intended Student Learning Outcome(s) / Objective(s) / Skills
        • Materials Used from’s Marketplace and/or Other Materials Used
        • Directions
        • Additional Planning Notes for Educators
        • Upload any other supplemental materials you created yourself, if needed (graphic organizers, slides, etc.)
          • Accepted Formats: maximum file size: 10 MB; file types accepted: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .txt, .rtf, .html, .zip, .mp3, .wma, .mpg, .flv, .avi, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .ppt
          • Please Note: You must submit materials and activities that you own. Any submissions that include copyrighted materials will not be considered for the grant.
PointsOption 1: Video SubmissionOption 2: Activity Plan Submission
Content (2 points)Video includes:
– Introduction:
  • Educator name, position, grade band
  • Mentions specific item(s) purchased from/available in the AAC Marketplace and the vendor
– Explains/demonstrates how the item has made a difference in the classroom/instruction
Submission includes:
– Completed Application Form
– Adequately completes all sections of Activity Template:
  • Teacher Information
  • Grade Level
  • Identifies materials purchased/available on the Marketplace, including the vendor
  • Includes teacher created supplemental materials if needed (graphic organizers, slides, etc.)
  • Clear step-by-step directions
Quality (6 points)Clarity (2 points)
– Picture and sound quality
– Clarity of message (how easily can another teacher incorporate these tips?)

Tips (3 points)
– Provides at least one tip for using the highlighted item and describes full process (more credit for additional tips)
– Provides parameters for using these tips (e.g. grade level, content where appropriate)
– Creative and innovative (e.g. supports high student engagement, teacher time-management, has multiple applications)

Relatable to Teachers (1 point)
– Is engaging and relatable to potential viewers
Clarity (2 points)
– Submission is legible (clear formatting, etc.)
– Does not require additional materials other teachers might not have (e.g. specific text book)
– Is clear and replicable in other classrooms (Could a first-year teacher follow the plan?)
– Is created by the teacher and is not from a copyrighted source

Content (3 points)
– Is grade-level appropriate
– Cites any external sources (websites, etc.)
– Supports student engagement and learning in Racial Equity

Relatable to Teachers (1 point)
– Is engaging and relatable to potential viewers
Creativity (2 points)– Features materials bought with funds/available on the AAC Marketplace
– Additional points possible for unique and engaging presentation
– Features materials bought with funds/available on the AAC Marketplace
– Additional points possible for unique and engaging presentation

Each application will be evaluated by at least two staff and scored out of a total of 10 points. 

Awards and Donor Reporting

All grants will be awarded by March 10, 2023. All $750 grant recipients will be required to submit a Donor Report by June 30, 2023. Teacher Leader grant recipients are not required to submit a Donor Report upon award.

Eligibility Requirements for All 2023 Racial Equity in Schools Grant

  • Any licensed PreK-12 educator or certified staff member, employed at an accredited K-12 public, private, or charter school in the United States.
  • Educators who apply for funds give consent for their application content, name, photo, biography, and the name of the school where they teach to be published in communications by and/or their partners in order to promote our mission and/or partnership.
  • Educators must agree to and follow’s Terms of Use to apply and receive funds.
  • Educators must have an active classroom page by the application deadline. Login or register to create your classroom page. 
  • Educators who have had $50 or more of funds expire from their account due to a failure to spend funds prior to the 12-month expiration date of donations may be deemed ineligible for Spotlight Fund grants.
  • For Teacher Leader submissions, educators must submit materials and activities that they have created and own. Any submissions that include copyrighted materials will not be considered for the grant. If submissions are found to include copyrighted materials after the grant has been awarded, may remove the remaining grant funds from the educator’s account.
  • reserves the right to revise application materials for clarity or communication purposes. will evaluate each application and award grants by March 10, 2023. Selected classroom grantees will receive $750 each. Selected Teacher Leaders will receive $1,500 each.

Educators who receive the $750 grant will be required to complete a donor report, detailing measurable impact on student success. This could include improved levels of student engagement or attendance, an increase in grade point averages, and/or several other success metrics. Funded teachers will also be asked to provide thank you content, including photos of what they purchased, a thank you video, and/or thank you notes from students. 

If you are unsure if you qualify for this grant opportunity, please contact our team at [email protected].

If you are a school administrator and your school is in need of funding, click here to learn about our School Program. You can also contact us for more information at [email protected].