Give Teachers Joy

Give teachers joy for Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, November 29, 2022, join us by giving teachers joy! 

Your Giving Tuesday donation to will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000 by the Huckle family. Thank you to the Huckle family for generously encouraging others to help teachers this holiday season. is a national nonprofit that provides classroom donations to PreK-12 teachers and schools throughout the U.S. so they can purchase the school supplies their students need to learn and succeed. We hold the highest rating of platinum from Candid (Charity Navigator) and four stars from Guidestar.

How your gift can give teachers joy.

In a recent survey, found that half of teachers don’t have a basic school supply budget for the 2022 school year. Unfortunately, this means most teachers spend money out-of-pocket on school supplies for their students. We don’t think that is right.

Your gift helps us ensure every child has the supplies they need to succeed in school. 

And, for Giving Tuesday your gift will be doubled. That means you give twice the pencils, twice the notebooks, twice the joy!

For teachers like Michael, Michelle, and John, a donation to their classroom is the difference between paying for supplies out of pocket and having the tools they need to teach. Read on to learn about who they are, and why your support gives them joy.

Before Michael found, he spent $9,000 of his own money in his first three years of teaching. Between transferring to a new grade level which required different supplies than he had and the stress of the pandemic, Michael wasn’t sure how to keep going.

Then, he started reaching out to supporters through He met his fundraising goals and realized just how much support was out there for him and his classroom. For Michael, there is so much joy in knowing that there are people out there willing to step up and help out. When they hear stories about how much he’s struggling, they immediately ask him how they can help.

“You hear so much that teachers are struggling. There are all these negative stories about teachers having to work multiple jobs. What people don’t hear about is places like AdoptAClassroom or the fact that there are people who are like, “how do I help”. You see this amazing amount of money to come in to help. It’s beautiful, it really is.”

– Michael, Teacher

Your support shows teachers like Michael that there are people out there who want to see his students succeed.

Michelle is a bilingual special education teacher. All of her students speak Spanish as a first language and English as their second language.

For Michelle, teaching is all about making sure her students know someone loves them and cares about their learning. 

Despite the difficulties of being a teacher, she sticks with it because she truly believes in the work. She loves to be a part of that “aha” moment with a student, when a concept finally clicks.

One way supporters helped Michelle is by providing her classroom with more Spanish learning materials. 

“I am still a teacher because I want to make sure that my students know they’re loved and someone cares about their learning.”

– Michelle, Teacher

Your support makes learning exciting and accessible to students learning English in the classroom. Michelle and her students get to celebrate more “aha” moments, and the joy that comes with a fun, exciting classroom experience.

John’s favorite part of teaching is seeing his students grow over time and helping them create wonderful memories from their school years. As a teacher, he gets to see students shout “hooray” when they finally understand something, and build lasting relationships with their family members.

There’s a lot to love about being a teacher, but it isn’t always easy. John also shared with us that receiving donations is a huge joy for him and his students. When he knows his classroom has supplies, he doesn’t have to worry about filling in the gaps on his own.

“I get emotional talking about this, because this is what I used to spend my own money on. It’s a huge stress relief for me, knowing that I have supplies that will last through the winter months and into the spring.”

– John, Teacher

Every time you donate to, there is a teacher like John, Michael, and Michelle celebrating. Thank you for helping us give teachers joy for Giving Tuesday!

If you give on 11/29/2022, your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar.