"Collage of photos: Kimber putting away colorful containers in her classroom, Two people walking in a snowy landscape in front of a car, Kimber climbing using an adaptive ice pick."

Subaru Loves Learning Supports Ice Climber and Kindergarten Teacher Kimber Cross

Trying to teach without basic supplies like pencils, markers, and paper is like trying to climb a mountain without the proper gear. Due to a lack of resources in schools, teachers spend an average of $750 out of their own pockets on school supplies to ensure that their students are successful. 

Our partners at Subaru are dedicated to providing teachers with the tools needed so their students can learn and grow in the classroom.

Through Subaru Loves Learning, Subaru retailers nationwide have supported more than 300,000 students. In 2021 alone, teachers who received donations from their local Subaru retailers purchased more than 3,500 markers, crayons, and colored pencils, and over 1,700 notebooks. 

Subaru has partnered with AdoptAClassroom.org to support even more classrooms in 2022. In early 2022, they supported kindergarten teacher and ice climber Kimber Cross. 

As part of their commitment to education, Subaru surprised Kimber with a donation to her kindergarten classroom at Harvard Elementary in Tacoma, WA. The excitement swelled when Subaru surprised Kimber with the news they’d also be adopting her three counterpart kindergarten teachers and their classrooms.

Kimber Cross grew up with the backdrop of the Olympic range close to her home in Tacoma. Her love of mountains and the outdoors has led her to become a prolific ice climber. Kimber is an adaptive athlete with a limb difference in her right arm. She uses a prosthetic ice tool which allows her to climb vertical ice. 

Kimber shares her passion for the outdoors with her students. 

“Subaru’s retailers supporting local communities through Subaru Loves Learning is really impactful. It’s a feeling of ‘I’m not alone in this.’ I’m seen, my kids are seen, and it’s all about them.”

– Kimber Cross

This August, AdoptAClassroom.org and Subaru are proud to have teamed up again to support more classrooms and students through Subaru Loves Learning. Learn more about how Subaru is supporting students in 2022. 

With Your Help, We Can Do Even More

During Subaru Loves Learning month from August 1-31, 2022, Subaru will match your online donation to AdoptAClassroom.org dollar-for-dollar, up to $350,000 in total. Your gift will help make sure more teachers have the flexible funding they need to help their students start the school year off right. Give to AdoptAClassroom.org.